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Food in third trimester

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Heavenscent86 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:59:01

Hi I have really wanted to eat healthily this pregnancy but other than a few weeks of managing decent home cooked meals it is falling by the wayside. Hyperemesis means I am off fruit and juices etc completely. I can eat the odd biscuit or something. Meals have become pasta and jarred sauce or chicken and mash that I can just forget about. I still feel sick and now also have pelvic pain at 34 weeks. Today's food was:

2 bowls cornflakes
3 biscuits
Scrambled egg and two hash browns
Fish fingers, chips and mushy peas

Should I be concerned at my poor diet? I do try to eat more veg but I'm getting more and more pain and tiredness so relying a lot on convenience things that don't make me queasy. What is everyone else eating in the third trimester?

squeezed Wed 24-Feb-16 18:55:53

I'm struggling with sickness at 28 weeks. The food you're having still has nutrition in it with protein and calcium. I wouldn't worry. The baby takes what it needs. I'm barely having any veg but tinned fruit is staying down. Carbs of the unhealthy variety also stay. Only cereal is coco pops. Just eat what you can, the baby will be fine.

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