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Unstable lie - between transverse and oblique, help!

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April2013 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:19:31

I am 35 nearly 36 weeks with suspected IUGR and my baby is not head down or anywhere near, swings between transverse and oblique. Anyone got any tips? I am permanently on birth ball or in bed or walking apart from occasionally when in car or sitting on a dining chair. My babys' growth is gradually decelerating and legs below normal range, efw below 10th centile, have had steroid jabs so wondering if they will suggest an induction at 37 weeks or perhaps a c section? Any advice would be a godsend as I am driving myself mad worrying about this :\ should I push for a c section? Should I push for 37 weeks or keep going? So far nothing has been found to explain the low efw or femur length.

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