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irene90 Tue 23-Feb-16 18:31:05


I'm new here and I'm writing after i sadly lost my first baby at 24 weeks. They said it was an incompetent cervix. He survivied 70 days in NICU and then an infection killed him.

I'm 25 so not quite ready to give up on having a baby. After he died I thought only about adoption because i couldn't bear to risk again and then I discover the TAC cerclage. Now i want to ask my GP to refer me to a clinic where they do Tac. I've seen Liverpool.

However I'm terrified my GP won't do it, that they would want me to go for a TVC stich first and then if it fails try the TAC. I'm so scare that the TVC won't work and I 'll loose another baby. knowing that with tha TAC option it would have benn safest at least.

Have you got any advice? Is it possible to have it done privately?

Besides I'm a nurse so my job implies staying on my foot for 13 hours a day that with an incompetent cervix is hell. I'm also from and over there nursing is considered a risky job so you are not allowed to work whith any cerclage...this confusing me a bit so the TAC will be safer if i'm obligated to work. I'm so scared, I just don't want to risk anything next time..i want the safest option..

has anybody been in a similar situation?

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