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boob / armpit pain?

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cocothomas1234 Mon 22-Feb-16 15:34:22

I'm 19 weeks and about a week ago started getting REALLY sharp pains in my right breast. I starting panicking but then I started getting the same in my left too.. like lightening bolts. Now thats settled down a little bit but an area under my left armpit is REALLY sensitive to touch, I've had a good gentle feel and there are no lumps no redness nothing there its just really tender to touch. I don't remember having the lightening bolt pain or this weird tender pit pain with my DD… am I the only one or going nuts?!

Spock27 Mon 22-Feb-16 16:51:28

I haven't had the sharp pains but I did have one tender/dull pain armpit for a few days. I think it was a blocked milk duct as apparently your breast tissue goes to under your arms. Mine was slightly swollen, is yours?

Mine went away by holding something warm against it - I have a microwavable bean bag for muscle aches that did the trick.

Definitely weirdest pregnancy symptom I've had so far!

If you're concerned then phone your midwife and she'll be able to advise you or get you checked out smile

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