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BFP but worried & confused.

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1moretime Mon 22-Feb-16 10:10:44

Hi all. I have pcos & underactive thyroid & have trouble for last 12 months with my tsh levels. Last results on 9th Jan was 5.8 and iv increased my dose to 175mcg.
I am on cerazette also which I have had on off bleeding since starting.
Iv been given lazaprozole for stomach & sickness which I have been taken also & im also on Metformin for pcos.
Big thing is my boobs have been killing me for past 2 weeks & iv felt like my period is about to start for past 2 weeks also but nothing!! I done a test out of curiosity not thinking I would be pregnant & there is a BFP! I am delighted but also scared & worried as my tsh was high & iv been on ceraxette??

charlottexox Mon 22-Feb-16 11:07:10

Hi hun, wow! Fantastic news huh?! I can relate to you in some way when it comes to metformin.
I got told I had PCOS at the age of 17 and was put on it right away to regulate my periods. Found out I'm pregnant in December on my 21st birthday!
As I don't have any experiences with the other medication you take I would say you are pregnant wink
Don't worry, I could believe it either when I had my BFP. It just seems too good to be true!
But you cannot get a false positive, but you can get false negatives!
Maybe check again in a couple of days too if you're still unsure!

1moretime Mon 22-Feb-16 11:17:11

Thanks for your reply hun.
I have a DS Age 6 & found out I had pcos after I had him. My recent blood results have been all over the place & I didn't think I coukd have anymore children.
I have made an app at the docs this afternoon as iv read on Dr Google thst high TSH levels can cause baby brain not to develop properly in early pregnancy. I haven't taken any folic acid etc as it's last thing I though would happen! Has anyone else fallen pregnant on Cerazette or had High TSH & had a healthy pregnancy?
I don't know how far I will be on either my last period if you can call it was December
I just bleed on & off on cerazette xx

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