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12 week scan

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Curriepot Mon 22-Feb-16 08:52:27

Hi there,

I just found out I'm pregnant - 2-3 weeks according to Clear Blue test but 5 weeks if I count from the first day of my last period. I am due to be out in South Africa (where I'm originally from and where my parents are) for work from 18 March - 9 May. From what I understand, providing the pregnancy progresses normally the flying should be fine. Although if I get bad morning sickness that's going to be fun!!! I'll be staying with my parents and I'm still registered with a really good GP there so I'll have good support whilst there.

My question though is what to do about the 12 week scan. My husband is only joining me for the last two weeks, which means that I will be at 12 weeks two weeks before my he joins me and I don't want to have the scan without him. Is it ok to have the scan at 14 weeks? Well actually it would be just a few days over 14 weeks by the time he's arrived. And would it be ok to have a scan over there and not here in the UK where I'll be going through the rest of the process?

Many thanks! smile

ICJump Mon 22-Feb-16 08:59:28

Perfectly fine to wait. You can even skip it all together

5hell Mon 22-Feb-16 10:07:08

i think you'll want to have you booking-in appointment with mw before you go and then you can discuss with mw the logistics/timings/scan in SA etc.

12w scans are rarely at exactly 12 weeks, although depending on the checks/tests you want (e.g. nuchal translucency) then there are time-slots within which certain tests need to be done for accuracy.

Do you know that you'll definitely be able to get a scan in SA?

Congratulations & good luck smile

Jibberjabberjooo Mon 22-Feb-16 10:39:52

It depends if you're wanting the tests that go with it for risk factor for Downs, Edwards syndrome etc. These are done between 12-14 weeks.

malvinandhobbes Mon 22-Feb-16 11:41:48

This happened to me, I was in the USA from 11-13 weeks. Before I left the UK, I paid privately for a nifty test (I had the panorama done). This superseded the NT testing given by the NHS at 12 weeks so that scan wasn't really necessary.

If you want the 12 week scan just to have a peek at the baby and check dates, it is fine to wait. If you are very concerned about testing for certain developmental conditions, it is often better to know sooner rather than later.

kiki22 Mon 22-Feb-16 20:25:21

My 12 week scan is on wed at 13+2 I was almost 14 weeks when I had my first scan with DS.

Going private is an idea they are usually nicer and more intimate in my experience anyway, you can usually bring extra people too.

KittyandTeal Mon 22-Feb-16 20:28:51

If you want the combined testing done you'll need it between 11+6 and 13 weeks.

However, like a pp said you can easily have a nipty test done at 10 weeks then the scan at 14 to date the pregnancy.

I don't think you can get the nipty before about 9 weeks, 10 is best though for getting a decent amount of foetal dna.

seven201 Mon 22-Feb-16 21:19:39

I thought the 12 week scan had to be done between 11 and 13+6 for it to include all the normal tests. I had an early scan because of bleeding which dates me as a bit further along than predicted so she was worried my 12 week scan (at 13 and a bit) was going to be too late but I was within the limit. When you ring to book in with the midwife let them know when you're going to be out of the country and the can best advise you.

Curriepot Mon 22-Feb-16 21:30:03

Wow thank you so much for all the replies, your help and advice is so helpful. I will definitely be able to get a scan in SA so I'm not worried about that. Would have to do it privately as the national health situation there is very different to the NHS!! I've just booked in with a midwife for my 8th week which will be a week before I leave but will ring back as suggested to tell them the situation and see if they think anything different. Thank you very much! smile

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