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IVF attempt 2!

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AmbleBramble Mon 22-Feb-16 01:26:22

Last year my fiancé and I went through our first cycle of I'vf treatment with frozen eggs. Unfortunately after a failed pregnancy we are in process of attempting it again with frozen embryo transfer. All is ok at the moment and we are set to have transfer this week. We have 3 day 5 frozen embryos. What is the success rate of thawing day 5 embryos. We're both keeping brave faces but after such a negative and depressing time last year were both very anxious about what will happen. The two week wait is just an added anxious stage also. Thoughts on this or if anyone has had a similar experience please share xx

StinkyMcgrinky Mon 22-Feb-16 14:51:06

You may get more of a response in the 'conception' or 'infertility' boards but I can share my experiences. DS is a FET baby and was a thawed day 5 embryo, I think it depends on how well your blastocysts fertilised but getting to day 5 is very good news! We were told that we had a 50-60% chance of successful thawing and they would go for the best looking embie first, luckily he survived and is now eating a banana off the rug...

I hope it all goes well, I remember the stress and anxiety well. flowers

Bleats Mon 22-Feb-16 20:51:40

Hi - please do not worry about the success rates for the age of blastocysts. I got pregs on the final frozen embryo of my second ivf / Icsi. I am now 4 months with what appears to be a heathy baby fully at the length it should be and this one was a 6 day embryo (my clinic was experimenting and suspect that the success rate can be just as good - after all a slow start doesn't mean that they won't get going).

The very best of luck and I hope that you persistence pays off. IVF is gruelling, but you are giving yourself and your partner the very best chance. Until then cake and flowers x

AmbleBramble Wed 24-Feb-16 22:44:55

Thank you very much for your replies! smile well today was they day. They thawed the first of 3 day 5 embies and the first was a successful thaw so we got to go ahead with the transfer. It was a bit nippy and uncomfortable (temperamental catheter) and the doctor had to "clip the cervix" as I have a tilted womb which was not pleasant at all sad that being said they placed the Embie in its position and we're all set for the 2ww. I hate this part but needs must.
My fiancé and I also went to a psychic reading this evening which had been planned a while beforehand and the first thing she said was "pregnancy? You're trying for a baby, don't worry all will be fine". I near burst into tears! But taking it easy for the next while and hoping that this time we have the rotten bad luck we had on our first attempt smile thanks ladies. Wish us luck xxx

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