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35 weeks and feel so down

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MissMalteser Sat 20-Feb-16 20:16:05

35 weeks today and so fed up, crippled with spd so can't get out of the house much at all, managing maybe an hour of light walking etc before I need to sit down again and sick of feeling sorry for myself, bored and lonely sad
I seem to spend every week waiting on dp having some time at the weekend to spend with me only to then feel guilty because we have no clue what to do with ourselves anyway and it feels like all we do is lounge around aimlessly, doesn't help that all our invites seem to involve socialising in bars, which are the only invites we've had recently, so I tell dp to go as no point both of us missing out only to then feel even worse when he does, ahhhh can't win I just want my body back, im sick of reading, resting, online shopping everyday and feel so ungrateful that the thought of possibly another 7 weeks of this makes me want to cry, I feel like me and dp have just become more and more disconnected as this pregnancy progresses sad
Anyone else feeling the same?

Mslg Sat 20-Feb-16 20:25:21

I feel a bit like this and I'm only 16 weeks and not having the pain/discomfort you are sad I'm being left out of social events by my friends and feel very isolated. I live far from home (from Ireland and in UK) and missing my family a lot as well. Hoping hormones are a lot to blame for how low it's making me feel as I do feel very optimistic and excited about the baby other times. Sometimes it's hard!

MissMalteser Sat 20-Feb-16 20:39:54

Sorry to hear you're suffering too Mslg flowers yes I am hoping its down to hormones too but I am feeling more and more isolated also, and on one hand I feel guilty for placing all my expectations on dp to keep me company at the weekend and then on the other I think we'll stuff him he can suffer like I am confused we are normally such an active couple with a great social life and now I can't even manage the cinema without getting achey and restless!

Sunshine87 Sat 20-Feb-16 20:46:46

I'm 35 weeks to due good friday. Same situation only feel guilty not he as active with my 7yr n 2yr. Everything seems difficult this pregnancy, ive had numberous kidney infections, colds,SPD and chest infection. Currently coughing my tea up and peeing everywhere blush i literally have no shame anymore and become a hermit. I was so actove iny last pg. I sympthasize, it feels like im close to the end but not quite.x

MissMalteser Sat 20-Feb-16 20:50:27

Oh sunshine that sounds horrible too! My youngest is nearly 7 so I think I had just forgot how crappy the end of pg can be although 7 potential weeks feels like an eternity (I went 2 weeks over with both previous pg's so am gearing up for another long stretch lol)

StrawberryQuik Sat 20-Feb-16 21:21:40

Would your parents/sibling/best mate like you as a house guest for a bit?

I'm 32 weeks and already on mat leave as I had a lot of AL to use up. DH is rarely home from work before 7.30pm and I'm bored but too weak and feeble feeling to go out and do stuff by myself during the day. So I've decamped to my mum and dads house for a week for a change of scenery smile

MissMalteser Sat 20-Feb-16 21:45:10

Strawberry I wish I could but unfortunately it's not an option at the minute with dd's to look after etc, I have also been on Mat leave for a few weeks now due to spd and I think I have exhausted all my cheery stiff upper lip about it now and just want to wallow in misery!
I know from experience this will all disappear as soon as baby arrives so I know I should count myself lucky but it's so hard when you wait all week for a bit of company then the weekend is a washout too, i feel I'm making everyone miserable by association lol

MissMalteser Sat 20-Feb-16 21:47:05

Can I ask what you ladies in a similar position have been doing come the weekends? As that seems to be the biggest let down at the minute, maybe I should just start viewing them as I do weekdays and not build them up as much, but then I have dp looking to me for what feels like ideas and entertainment and the pressure sets in!

helensburgh Sat 20-Feb-16 21:51:33

Many hugs I'm 30 ish weeks and feel so " depressed"
Can't settle to decide on anything etc

Sunshine87 Sun 21-Feb-16 09:10:24

Thanks op lucky i didnt have another coughing fit last night. Went to bed and for the first time had a reasonable night sleep even if i did get up several times to pee. I have been getting some bracton hicks lately. Weekends we haven't done much shopping but hinted to my DM about a sunday dinner.
She does lovely dinners and its break for me not cooking. DC get to see grandparents so they feel they been somewhere and i can still rest.

BeautifulLiar Sun 21-Feb-16 20:17:43

I hate weekends too; so boring and I get a bit annoyed if DH is sluggish (though he worked 70 hours last week!). I'm at home all week anyway so they're nothing to look forward to really. I suppose just try your best to make the most of sitting around doing nothing before you have this person who cries all the time and won't be put down can you tell how nervous I am

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