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contractions at 26 weeks....

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Everythinggettingbigger Sat 20-Feb-16 18:51:27

Hi all, been having pains on and off for over a week now, usually around tea time. Went to see my gp last week so asked about it and was sent for blood tests to check kidney function, they came back just asking me to go for full blood count, still waiting on them results. On Wednesday night they were quite strong and waking me up through the night and then again Thursday tea time they started. Called the hospital and explained and they asked me to go in and be checked. BP/urine etc fine nothing to worry about but when on the monitor it was registering contraction like pains, not very strong but there were a few were the midwife actually offered gas and air for. Cervix was checked and pains calmed down, no signs of anything happening down below so was sent home and told to take codeine to manage the pain and go back if they settled into a pattern or they were getting stronger. Happened again yesterday and had a few and tonight again I've already had a few but no pattern.

Has this happened to anyone else? Surely I can't be having these "contractions" all the way to the end there is still 14 weeks to go!

Baby number 2 if that makes a difference, 1st born at 40+5.

goodbyeyellowbrickroad Sat 20-Feb-16 18:57:15

I've had this since around 25/26 weeks and they haven't stopped - I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow. I've assumed (and midwives have agreed) that they're Braxton Hicks as they've never been in any pattern and changing what I'm doing when they happen stops them e.g if I'm walking around, I'll go and sit down then they tend to ease off. They've been bloody painful at times!

Everythinggettingbigger Sat 20-Feb-16 19:03:18

Oh dear! Thanks for replying I'm not alone then!

I guess that's been a long 14/15 weeks for you then! Moving doesn't really help but there is so no pattern. Can't actually take codeine either it doesn't agree with me so paracetamol it is!

Hopefully you have your baby soon so you can finally be rid of them! Good luck xx

Mummyme87 Sat 20-Feb-16 19:27:33

Make sure you are drinking enough. Dehydration can cause contractions pre term

NeedACleverNN Sat 20-Feb-16 19:49:40

I did actually go into preterm labour at 26 and 6.

I had contractions that was regular and strong and getting worse. No stopping and gaps in between them. Could even time them at one point.

Went to hospital and they did a test which confirmed preterm labour. Was given steroids and put on a drip which hopefully slows down/stops labour.

I was transferred to a hospital 3 hours away as my local had no places at the nicu if I did deliver.

I was on for 5 days and had 3 drips but it did eventually pay off. Dd stayed in till 38 and 4

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