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Anyone else had to find another (bigger) load of maternity clothes towards the end?

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lostindubai Sat 20-Feb-16 10:28:53

I'm so much bigger than I was last time and my maternity clothes are now either too tight or ride up or down which looks and feels rubbish. I've got a tender bump anyway so need to be comfortable. Just can't believe I now need to think about getting more clothes sad

lostindubai Sat 20-Feb-16 10:29:29

Meant to say I've still got 7 weeks to go.

hopinghopefullyagain Sat 20-Feb-16 10:30:00

I'm only 9 weeks but already can tell that this will be me

FranHastings Sat 20-Feb-16 10:34:17

Yes, there were only a few things that fitted at the end. Wrap dresses (I got mine from jojomamanbebe) were good, because you can always put leggings on underneath if they ride up too much and you can wear them afterwards for a bit. Definitely had to buy more towards the end, which was annoying for such a shot time.

FranHastings Sat 20-Feb-16 10:34:59

*short not another four letter word that starts with sh. 😁

lostindubai Sat 20-Feb-16 11:06:18

Hehe Fran wink Don't have any wrap dresses unfortunately - Jojo stuff was usually too big for me ironically. But leggings are just so much more comfy than anything else I am now tempted! Might pay a visit to H&M as at least they won't break the bank. So annoyed as I bought some lovely stuff that I won't be able to wear again (last pg).

lostindubai Sat 20-Feb-16 11:06:45

Hoping - plan ahead is all I can say!

FranHastings Sat 20-Feb-16 11:18:24

Could you get away with normal tunic style tops in a bigger size? I got some cheap supermarket ones in a 2 sizes bigger and they just about worked. It is so annoying to have to buy more stuff, isn't it? Is Sainsbury's 25% off still on? I just wanted massive shapeless comfy tops/dresses and huuuuge over the bump trousers at the end. So stylish. 😁

waxweasel Sat 20-Feb-16 11:30:33

Arrrgh same here, and I'm at the same stage as you! I'm 33+2. I'd been living in maternity jeans until a couple of weeks ago, but now they're really uncomfortable and dig in so I'm living in leggings and dresses/tunics. Really don't want to buy anything more unless it doubles as nursing wear after the baby arrives...but I did do a small H&M order earlier this week to get a few bits. Asos had some ok bits too.

Another way I have found of expanding my wardrobe cheaply is to use local mums groups on fb - there's one local to me that is very active and has lots of people selling on their maternity clothes really cheaply. Might be one near you?

motmot Sun 21-Feb-16 04:14:46

I'm refusing to buy anything but am finding my options are reducing now I'm 37 weeks and enormous. My dungarees are straining at the straps, tops riding up and I've got two huge jersey tent dresses that are in constant rotation. I bought a dress from topshop last pregnancy at around 33 weeks that just so obviously wasn't going last much longer. Had to return it in a rage. Maternity clothes should fit to the bitter end!

BigGreenOlives Sun 21-Feb-16 04:26:30

My babies are all big now but I remember that stage all too well. I had a change in weather too for dd1 & spent the last few days in a t-shirt & sarong as it suddenly got warm & I couldn't fit in anything. I was 10 days overdue & I think I was gaining 1lb a day at the end.

lostindubai Wed 24-Feb-16 14:22:05

I've been out and bought a cheap top from Tesco but it's bottoms I really need. I have one pair of jeans and a pair of leggings and a really stretchy pencil skirt which are the only things I can wear now. The leggings are getting tighter so when I visit H&M this weekend I expect I'll need to get the next size up! A wrap dress sounds amazing but I can't spend too much so probably won't. Might see what's around second hand though.

Another thing which has helped is using hold ups rather than tights under dresses. My legs are still a fairly normal size thankfully!

Thanks all for advice/sympathy. Nice to know it's not just me.

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