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paternity leave - teacher

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Vap0 Sat 20-Feb-16 08:26:38


DP is a teacher and it is looking like he will be moving schools in September to a different area. Baby is due on 9th September. Will he be entitled to any paternity leave?

FishWithABicycle Sat 20-Feb-16 08:34:59

Will the new school be under the same LEA?

IndomitabIe Sat 20-Feb-16 08:40:14

If it's a different area (& LA or even a different academy) it's unlikely he'll be entitled to paid paternity leave. However, the head might well allow him to take unpaid leave.

However, I have heard of schools giving people paid leave (to recruit/retain good staff) and even to 'pay back' maternity pay to an LA to recruit someone directly from maternity leave. It's worth negotiating with the new school ASAP.

PotteringAlong Sat 20-Feb-16 08:41:08

If it's a different lea or an academy it classed as anew employer and he won't be entitled.

socktastic Sat 20-Feb-16 08:56:07

In Scotland it doesn't really matter about the local authority, providing you've worked long enough for local government. Don't know if that helps?

Vap0 Sat 20-Feb-16 09:33:11


Thanks for your replies, I thought that would be the case. He is finishing a 1 year contract in the summer, we are hoping it will be renewed for another year but have no idea yet. He is in the process of applying for new jobs for September so we don't even know where he will be come September. It will almost certainly be a new lea as he is right on a boundary at the minute. It's not a big deal about having paid time off as you don't get much money anyway, it's more the actual time off. Fingers crossed his contract is renewed....

PotteringAlong Sat 20-Feb-16 09:39:00

We were in the same position in that my DH moved schools in the September and our first DS was born in the December. They gave him unpaid leave but only a week.

DiagnosisMurderBiggestFan Sat 20-Feb-16 10:55:23

Hi, can I hijack this thread and ask how much paternity leave my partner would be potentially be entitled to if he started at a school in September, and the baby was born at the end of the following July?

IndomitabIe Sat 20-Feb-16 11:06:34

Probably full paternity leave.

Google up the NUT's Maternity Matters document. As long as the school follows the burgundy book guidelines that document sets everything out clearly. (Lots of academies do follow this still).

lozengeoflove Sat 20-Feb-16 12:28:32

Hi OP, a friend went through a similar experience and his new school granted him two weeks' leave, paid. It's at the discretion of the school I believe as he probably won't qualify for paternity leave as such.

I changed schools during last pregnancy and didn't qualify for the proper maternity package, only the SMP.

Good luck, I hope they give him time off flowers

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