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Raised BP

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YoureMyWifeNowDave Thu 18-Feb-16 16:42:23

14+3 today and went to an appointment at ante-natal clinic (have clotting issues so under a consultant to get blood thinners prescribed).
Docs have decided to admit me overnight as BP is up a little (162/110 to 140/110 my normal is 130/90)
DH had to go back to work and I'm stuck here with £4.50 in my pocket and my phone
DH is bringing some stuff in later but I am so bored already sad

whiteychappers Thu 18-Feb-16 17:12:03

Big hugs xxx

HaveIGotAClue Thu 18-Feb-16 17:13:03

We'll talk to you!

YoureMyWifeNowDave Thu 18-Feb-16 17:52:02

DH is on his way in to bring me some stuff for tonight I hope he remembers to bring my phone charger!

Bloody BP has got worse instead of better angry

YoureMyWifeNowDave Thu 18-Feb-16 22:59:58

Been started on labetalol and BP is coming down 😀
DH remembered my charger but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to plug it in unless I sneak it into a socket by my bed overnight hmm

He forgot my slippers though!

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