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Those who have had babies with different partners...

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Troika Thu 18-Feb-16 13:21:50

Do you think it affected your labour?

Just musing as both dc1 and 2 (same dad)labour started at 39+6 and although they were completely different labours they were both pretty fast.

This dc (different dad) I am 40+4 already with no real signs and wondering if my expectation of another short labour is going to go out of the window as well as my expectation of being on time.

How much can I blame dp for?? grin
(Realise this will be purely anecdotal)

makingmiracles Thu 18-Feb-16 13:27:14

No not really, my first three were from the same partner, the next was surrogacy so a different father, all started 11 days overdue.

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