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Gestational diabetes thread?

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veggie77 Wed 17-Feb-16 17:34:18

Second pregnancy and just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes again. Groan! Had it in my first pregnancy too and ended up on Metformin aswell as insulin. Really hoped i wouldn't get it again. Anyone else in this situation? Can't find any active gestational diabetes threads on here!

Youremywifenow Wed 17-Feb-16 19:33:14

Yes me. It sucks. Am on metformin and insulin. I miss juice the most and counting down the days til I can scoff chocolate again.
Second baby, definitely had it with the first but not diagnosed but with hindsight had all the symptoms. He was 10lbs and 2 weeks over.
This one is measuring normal sized just above 50th centile, have section booked for 38 weeks.
Good luck, how far through are you?

MercuryRising Thu 18-Feb-16 10:09:52

I have GD in my 3rd pregnancy although I think it was missed in my 1st 2 pregnancies (babies were 10 12 and 10 6). I was diagnosed the week before Christmas and will be 36 weeks tomorrow. I am now on insulin 3 times a day. It is a pain but I am just hoping that I don't end up diabetic after birth. It has made me really reconsider my diet but I really cannot wait for pizza and a slice of cake post birth. I also have a section booked at 38 weeks Youremywifenow and am going in 48 hours before for steroids. When is your section date?

ProbablyMe Thu 18-Feb-16 11:30:07

Hi, I'm expecting my 5th baby (26+6) and have just had a call to say I have GD. Booked to see the Diabetic Midwife next Wednesday. I was borderline for GD but not treated with my 2nd pregnancy (9lb13 at 40+6) but had no issues with any of my other pregnancies.

Can anyone give me some advice about what changes I can start making now? In a bit of a panic really. I'm an older mum now at 41 and already have to inject myself with anti clotting medication from 28 weeks. Pregnancy is definitely not fun this time round!!

Youremywifenow Thu 18-Feb-16 11:46:53

23rd march Mercury. No-one has mentioned steroids to me or going in 2 days early.
Probably Me - I am 40. when I got the 'you're diabetic' call, I cut out all carbs and sugar for a week and it made no difference. They told me to start eating more normally again as I had ketones in my wee.
It has shown me how much sugar I did eat.
My blood sugars are highest in the mornings as the pre hormones which block insulin are highest during the night and then go down across the day. Meant to be below 5.5 on waking but mine is normally about 6. Can't get it any lower. I'm on insulin 3 x a day with a big dose of Levemir before bed. The dose keeps going up as it gets worse as you get further along. I'm on 24 now.

I've had just a few high readings of 10 if I eat something bad - absent mindedly ate ONE Haribo at work and went up to 10.5. You need to walk round / run up and down stairs until it goes back down again. If you really want something sweet, have it straight after dinner rather than on an empty stomach and it won't make any difference to your reading.

Fruit is fine but not juice. Don't gorge on grapes though. There is 25g of sugar in a punnet of grapes. May as well just eat a mars bar.
Try and have supper early to get your overnight reading down. This is easier said than done if you already have kids and eat after bedtime.

On the plus side, I think it has stopped me piling on too much weight this time round

hebs72 Thu 18-Feb-16 14:04:18

I was diagnosed just over 2 weeks ago, at 34+4, and mine's diet controlled. Apparently Metformin takes a couple of weeks to kick in, so that's not an option.

Morning's were the worst, as Youremywifenow says, so breakfast is now scrambled eggs & bacon, or an omelette, with a slice of wholemeal toast afterwards. I've tried to cut out all the crap aka yummy biscuits and cake as a little mid-afternoon snack, but apart from that I'm eating relatively normally. Surprisingly, burger, chips and baked beans proved to be absolutely fine! I'm probably being a bit careful about putting more veg on my plate, rather than filling up on carbs, but it does go to show how easily carbs and sugar start to add up.

However, I am being induced early, and I may still need to go onto short-acting insulin in the meantime.

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