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Iron levels have decreased again...feeling down

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Peanutbutternutter419 Wed 17-Feb-16 13:40:45

I am 34 weeks and still suffering from hyperemesis although the vomiting is limited to once a week to two weeks, I have constant nausea 24/7.
My 28 week blood tests showed anaemia so I was prescribed iron tablets but they ramped up the vomiting so I started taking Spartone. Was doing ok on 1 sachet a day but heartburn and nausea were becoming hard to deal with so I have been trying so desperately to get my levels up with diet.
However blood results today show my levels have further dropped and I am borderline of being on a drip throughout labour to avoid another PPH (had mild one with DS).
I'm devastated as I am starting to really struggle with the nausea and tiredness but I really don't want to be sick for the rest of my pregnancy.
But on the other hand, my first labour was full of intervention and assistance followed by traumatic afterbirth problems so I want to try to eliminate the same as much as I can...

Not really sure why I'm posting, just feeling really down and wondered if there is anyone else in the same boat? sad

whiteychappers Wed 17-Feb-16 13:46:58

Haven't got any experience but just wanted to give you a big hug, you are doing so well , I'm struggling with nausea at 9 weeks which hopefully will get better so for you to have managed this long is truly amazing. Keep strong xxx

Peanutbutternutter419 Wed 17-Feb-16 13:53:59

Thank you whitey.
I really hope your nausea disappears. Weeks 8-13 were the absolute worst for me so hopefully in a couple of weeks it should ease up for you.
I know it is such a short time left in the scheme of things, but I just feel at a bit of a crossroads between taking the tablets and being sick all the time again but decreasing chances of intervention or feeling slightly normal and enjoying the last few weeks with my DS and DH but potentially setting myself up for later problems...

whiteychappers Wed 17-Feb-16 15:35:34

You are so close now to that little bundle of joy. Whatever happens, you cant control it, what will be will be. On the plus side you know what to expect and have proven to yourself that you can cope with whatever thrown at you and can come out the other side. Everyone's allowed a rant and moan and to be feel down. I cant imagine how you feel but always amazes me how people who have had traumatic first labours, choose to do it again, you've got a lot more strength than you think, be kind to yourself xxxflowers

Me624 Wed 17-Feb-16 16:01:23

Hi peanut I can sympathise as I have been struggling with anaemia too since 28 weeks, now almost 38. Spatone really doesn't have enough iron in it to make a difference if your levels are low. If you can't tolerate iron tablets then you should speak to your doctor about alternatives - I believe sometimes injections can be given or if your levels get low enough then you would need a transfusion.

I know how you feel as although the tablets don't make me vomit they do play havoc with my digestive system and I already had awful piles - now I darent even look down there confused the doctors have prescribed me laxatives to help with the side effects of the iron tablets but I can't wait to get off them!!

caker Wed 17-Feb-16 21:22:59

How long did you try the iron tablets for? Just wondering as I'm taking them too (also 34 weeks) and had awful diarrhoea for the first week, I was starting to think I couldn't carry on with them but then it stopped thankfully. I don't know whether side effects wear off for everyone. I do feel better for taking them now so I'd definitely investigate alternatives if you can. I had a crap first birth and a blood transfusion so I'm trying to avoid a repeat.

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