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Will my skin ever get better?

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BunchOfBobs Wed 17-Feb-16 12:52:33

Pregnancy is glorious is it not?
Bit of a back story. I was on Yasmin for contraception for 13 years, was diagnosed with migraines and finally recommended quickly to get onto the mini pill due to stroke risks (only took a yearhmm). Mini pill turned my skill into a sporners dream- I love a good pick but on your own skin not great. I came off all contraception in preparation for TTC, skin started clearing and then I got pregnant (now 14+5).

My forehead is a mess, lots of blackheads all over and daily eruptions of really painful blind spots and then more white heads all over. It's main concentrated around my temple and eyebrows but I get quite a bit between my eyebrows and around my lip line/ chin crease area. They pop up on my shoulders back and chest as well and being the picker I am I cannot leave them alone.

Will it ever calm down or am I stuck with this until the baby arrives?

I've been lucky and had no morning sickness but I look horrific. I want to leave makeup off to allow my skin to heal and breath but going out without makeup on i'm sure people think I'm ill.

LilyMyOneAndOnly Wed 17-Feb-16 12:58:05

I was on Yasmin for years and it kept my skin pretty much under control.. When I came off it preparing to ttc my skin was awful. My gp prescribed me zineryt and it got things back under control. I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and have started to get spots on my forehead (thank god for my fringe!) but the zineryt is definitely keeping things to a minimum. I have checked with the gp and it's safe to use in pregnancy. Might be an option? smile

cheekstime Wed 17-Feb-16 13:01:11

Hi - its a bummer isn't it. Mine had two waves of bad skin, one being particular spotty, the last lot. Me like you, cannot stop mucking about with them. I found though if I did, espech with lump types spots you get others near by. I think it pushes the 'white' you can't see under the surfaces layers, then with your skin wanting to still get rid pushes it elsewhere. With mine from jaw to neck, that sort of thing. I tried my best not to touch when I was making more of the buggers - I know its near impossible not to do that.

Anyhow reason for writing to say, good news they can come in waves, and skin didn't get any worse as preg went along, now weeks later skin is still clear.

Hang in there. Hormones all over the shop, changes happening all the time, bidy can adapt and shift them good luck xxxxx

cheekstime Wed 17-Feb-16 13:03:10

make up: should say I never covered them up at first I felt bit self conscious but them I didn't care adn didn't feel any worse of for it, didn't want crap on skin, as we all know what goes on skin ends up in system. Liberating not havign to worry about what others think actually, with binning of make up xx

cheekstime Wed 17-Feb-16 13:04:42

weird idea but apparently coconut oil meant to help - its oil though! have tried it on local spots didn't make them worse x

BunchOfBobs Wed 17-Feb-16 13:08:28

I use jojoba oil to moisturise cheeks as it's the same as sebum apparently. So it "tricks" your face into thinking its produced enough oil hmm I use joins or coconut to take off makeup when I do wear it (rarely). Fx for a clear wave soon. I'm the same with spreading them it would seem as no sooner have I picked one I get two more near it. angry

Thanks lily but I'm not keen on taking medication for it. I'll just deal with my spotty fod and try to restrain the picking.

cheekstime Wed 17-Feb-16 13:19:16

Jojoba oil thats good to hear, always up for new stuff, sounds a bit like the old coconut oil trick but better, saying that to add think coconut help with killing the infection. stab in dark but I started keeping nails real short to stop professional squeezing angles! also don't know whether head with towel over bowel ever other day help. maybe also once week, exfoliate with teaspoon caster sugar and honey, mix in palm first then rinse warm water. soz for rushed mail

cheekstime Wed 17-Feb-16 13:20:00

oh yea when you spread them you could blimin kick yourself couldn't you...annoying awful things, blitters

cheekstime Wed 17-Feb-16 13:21:28

thats head over bowl not bowel :/

BunchOfBobs Wed 17-Feb-16 13:26:08

Haha cheeks I definitley do not fancy a head over a bowel!!!

I exfoliate using a homemade caster sugar, coconut oil and honey mix. Smells lovely. Nails is a good point. It's probably time I got rid of my trusty window sill mirror side pin for such emergencies eh?

LilyMyOneAndOnly Wed 17-Feb-16 16:25:59

You don't take it, it's a lotion applied to the skin. But fair enough if you don't fancy it! smile

BunchOfBobs Wed 17-Feb-16 16:42:23

Lily that's more intriguing. If it continues I may bring it up at an appointment as it's currently getting worse.

KP86 Wed 17-Feb-16 16:56:21

If it helps, I had absolutely terrible skin after coming off the pill (similar to Yasmin) before I was pregnant, it was fairly ordinary while pregnant but since then it's been pretty good! Sure, I get the occasional spot and it's not exactly smooth, but none of the full on acne (especially around jaw and on my neck) that I had before pregnancy.

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