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Relationship to brim 4/5

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Missdee2014 Wed 17-Feb-16 10:32:57

Just wondering what 'relationship to brim 4/5' actually means on my maternity notes. I'm 36 + 4 with DC3 so really I should know. I thought it meant 4/5 engaged but a quick Google gives different results. Anyone any idea? And also, with it being my 3rd does it mean I'm more likely to go soon?

Thanks in advance.

Jellybean100 Wed 17-Feb-16 15:18:45

Think it means 4/5 of the baby's head can be felt so 1/5 engaged

jellycat1 Wed 17-Feb-16 17:13:11

Just starting to go down and engage basically. 1/5 being the furthest engaged before it's totally down!

Mummyme87 Wed 17-Feb-16 21:05:14

1/5 of the present part engaged in relation to the brim of the pelvis. May sit like that until you're well into established labour

Missdee2014 Thu 18-Feb-16 00:31:05

Thanks everyone - the opposite of what I thought. Not to worry though, I'm sure it's rare to engage this early in a 2nd or subsequent pregnancy anyway.

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