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Petit Bateau baby clothes sizing

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Thenadish Wed 17-Feb-16 06:45:43

Popped in yesterday tempted to buy first baby clothing item yesterday and got totally thrown. Sizing is 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

Now I realise it's a guide and will ultimately depend on baby's size but I wondered firstly does anyone know if they tend to come up big or small? And secondly is 6 months like up to 6 months? Or would it be 6-12 months? FTP so confused! confused

seriouslywhat Wed 17-Feb-16 06:51:08

They come up very small! I have a lot of their stuff and generally buy two sizes up. My twin week old is currently in size 6 month vests and baby grows. My babies are bigger than average though - current one is now 75th centile. Their fit suits longer thinner babies.

seriouslywhat Wed 17-Feb-16 06:51:56

PS I wouldn't bother buying newborn size, go straight for 1month or 3 months

seriouslywhat Wed 17-Feb-16 06:52:46

Sorry meant my ten week old, not twin week old....

CatsCantFlyFast Wed 17-Feb-16 06:52:53

6 months is up to 6 months

But yy to it being on the small side and good for tall and skinny shapes

Thenadish Wed 17-Feb-16 08:46:27

Massively helpful thank you all. You have solved what I've been pondering for a full 24

scarletribbonsforherhair Wed 17-Feb-16 11:54:18

0-3 months will fit babies on average up to a 3 month old, some brands will also give you a weight guide. As we all come in a variety of wonderful shapes and sizes these are only a guide and it depends on the shop, for example Zara seem to be a small fit where as Next & mamas & papas are a more generous fit and seem to last longer. Tip with baby grows is to check it's not pulling on there toes.

Hope this helps?

Have you picked anything yet? Do you know what sex you are having?

Good luck X

scarletribbonsforherhair Wed 17-Feb-16 11:57:23

I forgot to add that petite bateau use a rib jersey on there vests and baby grows so it looks a lot smaller but when on your baby has a snug fit rather than being baggy, so don't be put off by how little it looks.
Also French brands are smaller sizing than UK as a general rule

KatharinaRosalie Wed 17-Feb-16 14:46:08

Yes the size is 'up to', but the sizes are really tiny, I always had to go up several sizes to fit my babies. I wouldn't even bother with the 3 month size.

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