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Posterior and anterior placenta previa

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Momofmany8 Wed 17-Feb-16 01:23:19

Hi, I'm new here. I was diagnosed with complete posterior placenta previa at 20 weeks, my dr and the tech told me that they didn't think my placenta would move. I had a rescan today at 24 weeks and there was no change, if anything it got worse. She showed me how it was posterior and wrapped around the bottom of my uterus all the way into the front, I swear it wasn't that bad at 20.weeks. my dr said it's growing the wrong way, I assume because it's stretching with my uterus but because it's attached in the front and back its getting worse instead of better? I haven't had any bleeding yet, thankfully. My question is has anyone had a previa like this and had it resolve? This is baby #8 and I've never had a c-section, I know alot of women have c-section but I'm kinda freaked out, mainly cuz I've never had one and don't know what to expect, besides the obvious. I go back at 32 weeks for another scan, but my dr basically told me because of how it's growing I will be having a c-section at 36 to 37 weeks. She won't let me go any farther. I'm AMA (will be 37 when baby comes) and my last 2 were premature and she doesn't want to take the chance of me going into labor. Any experiences with this type of previa?

GracieGraives Wed 17-Feb-16 02:12:06

Hi I had a very similar result at 30 weeks but didn't get scanned again until much later. I think 36 weeks and possible c section at 38 weeks because they said most move on their own at last mibute which mine did. I do remember getting horrible paperwork about sudden blood loss and not being far from hospital which was scary and I found the wait quite stressful. All worked out ok though.

CatchingBabies Wed 17-Feb-16 04:20:11

Placentas don't move, your uterus grows and so takes the attached placenta with it.

If your placenta is attached across the lower uterus and is getting worse it appears that the uterus growing is in fact increasing the previa making it unlikely to resolve.

Placenta previa can be common in women that have had multiple pregnancies as the placenta implants in a new place each time.

Prepare for an elective section and be pleasantly surprised if it's not needed is what I do in your case. Have they advised you of the risks of bleeding? It's hugely important to get to hospital ASAP if you begin losing fresh red blood at all.

CatchingBabies Wed 17-Feb-16 04:24:16

Just to add when she talks about not wanting you to go into labour. Labouring with a placenta previa is dangerous. Placenta previa can sometimes come along with placenta acreta, another reason she won't want you to labour. If you've had premature labours before you're more likely to have premature labours again. Performing the section earlier in your case seems sensible.

Honestly try not to worry, an elective section is usually unproblematic and it may not come to that.

Momofmany8 Wed 17-Feb-16 21:18:03

Thank you for the responses. I understand why she doesn't want me to go into labor and that the placenta doesn't actually move, I just wondered the odds of it resolving since it was posterior and anterior. It's mostly posterior though. I just hope I can get by without bleeding, I also drive 35 minutes to work and back everyday so I am worried about something happening while to or when I'm not close to a hospital. My dr doesn't seem concerned and said I should just pull over and call an ambulance. I think I should just keep driving as fast as I can and get myself to help. Waiting for an ambulance is going to waste time, they don't have blood on hand I don't think. Hopefully nothing like that happens but I think about it. I have prepared myself mentally for a section, I'll do whatever is needed to get my son here safely. It's just hard to think about after 7 vaginal births, but some people say they prefer to have a c-section so maybe I'll be one of those haha!

CatchingBabies Wed 17-Feb-16 23:36:26

It would be a judgement call in that situation, if you were bleeding heavily pull over and call an ambulance as they can work on rehydrating you and stopping the bleeding in less time than you driving there. Most people get on / off spotting bleeding, nothing of major concern but needs investigating so you could then drive yourself.

Carry your maternity notes with you so you can present at whatever hospital happens to be closest. The worst case scenarios are scary but very very few women experience that. Being prepared is sensible it doesn't mean it will happen.

Good luck x

Momofmany8 Thu 18-Feb-16 00:08:16

Thank you for the advice. You said I should carry my maternal notes with me, my dr didn't mention this. What should those notes entail? They didn't give me any measurements or anything, just showed me on the screen how it was sitting.

CatchingBabies Thu 18-Feb-16 01:43:49

I just mean your handheld notes. Then if you end up at a different hospital for some reason they are able to see who you are and look up your obstetric history quicker. They won't need the full scan details.

Simple details such as blood group, rhesus status, pregnancy gestation being available immediately means decisions can be make quicker in the rare event of an emergency. X

Momofmany8 Sun 28-Feb-16 20:44:29

Well I had my first bleed, just got discharged from labor and delivery. I woke up yesterday morning and stretched in bed, then I felt like I was leaking and it was very warm. I pulled back my pj's and saw blood. I yelled for my SO and told him we needed to go to the hospital because I was bleeding. I got up to get out of my bloody clothes and felt more coming out and felt something else come out, I had put a newborn diaper in my underwear cuz that's all I had and when I pulled it back there was a large golf ball sized blood clot. I told him nevermind I'm calling 911 and laid back down on my side. The bleeding has stopped and they let me come home. I got steroids for his lungs and magnesium for neurological benefit before I could leave. I'm only 26 weeks 1 day so I am hoping I can keep him in a lot longer. The Dr. Told me I could return to work tomorrow but I'm not going, I am freaking out about driving 30 minutes and having another bleed that wil most likely be worse. I am calling my dr tomorrow and asking about using my STD until my 32 week ultrasound. If my placenta has resolved then I will feel comfortable driving. As of yesterday it has not changed. Am I freaking out for no reason, or it is reasonable of me not to want to risk something happening while between towns, where help is not close? I tried not to panic yesterday while waiting for the ambulance, and it only took them like 3-5 minutes to get to my house. I knew it could and probably would happen but it still didn't prepare me for when it actually happened.

Osirus Sun 28-Feb-16 22:15:26

Sounds very frightening!

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