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Baby is very small for date

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Mummyof1caistor Tue 16-Feb-16 14:27:20

Hello, just wondering if there are other ladies who have had a similar little boy was 6lbs 13oz when born, 3 days overdue. I was told that because of this, my current pregnancy would be monitored more closely, I have now had two growth scans, my second yesterday, baby is in the 5th percentile. I am being told not to worry...but my consultant is rather stumped as to why baby is growing so slowly, I don't smoke, I'm eating fairly well. They are now discussing whether to start me on steroids to develop babies lungs, then possibly deliver early, to ensure baby gets the help it needs. So, yes, fairly tricky not to worry! I've got another scan due in two weeks, am monitoring babies movements etc.
Thank you!

April2013 Tue 16-Feb-16 15:56:42

Hi there, I'm in a similar boat - was having growth scans from 28 weeks, now 34, next growth scan in 2 weeks. initially they were a precaution due to asthma but I get the impression it could be one of various reasons that are unknown at this point and may always be unknown, baby on similar percentile to yours for efw, seems we are getting the same type of monitoring, same encouragement to monitor movements, I just had steroid jabs as he has gone from just above 10th percentile to just below in the last 2 weeks, seems these drugs are very safe. Seems like dropping from their percentile is what they look for and they aren't too worried if you are under 10th percentile in general if they are following the curve. It looks like we can expect lots of monitoring but hopefully all just a precaution - sounds like so long as movements ok that is a great sign. I didn't sleep hardly at all last night, worrying about it all. I'm finding midwives maybe a bit better at reassuring than consultants and able to explain scan results in a more reassuring way, also getting my head around the terminology and what the scans look at is fairly confusing whilst trying not to panic. Sonographer seemed more concerned than obstetrician and antenatal day unit midwife, I guess they manage these situations regularly. It was a huge shock to be told they are considering early induction/c section yesterday but I'm coming down to earth slightly this afternoon. I guess it is a waiting game till next growth scan now! Hoping I can distract myself. Best of luck x

Peyia Tue 16-Feb-16 16:02:16

Difficult not to worry, sorry you are.

I presume your first born was fine. Had no issues with growth after birth and hit milestones? Sounds like they are being cautious and want to ensure they don't miss anything?

I honestly think some women birth small babies and others birth large ones. There are no reasons other than we are individual.

Whilst it's natural to worry if there were no health concerns with your first born I would try not think the worst. The docs are just covering all bases, which is better in my opinion.

Pregnancy can literally cause nervous breakdowns! I'm also a worry wort...

Mummyof1caistor Tue 16-Feb-16 16:25:53

Thank you ladies, yes peyia, you're right, my little boy is absolutely fine, he's now running along the 75th centile , about to turn two, and has hit every milestone as expected, so I should try to remember that when we are looking at those dreaded curved lines...
April, sorry you are going through the same, it really isn't nice. Is this your first baby? It definitely seems to be who you speak to, as to how worried you are! The sonographer was very positive in the scan room, saying everything looked about right, then the consultant sat there talking about steroids and inducing! The same questions they ask are am I eating properly, and do I smoke.ive never smoked, I am struggling with eating meals- baby might be small, but they have certainly taken up any space I had for appetite! I am trying to drink whole milk in between meals, and eat little and often.
I'll post when we get next results- fingers crossed you get good news at your next one X

April2013 Wed 17-Feb-16 02:44:04

Hi there, this is my 2nd, my first was born on 25th percentile so he wasn't huge but now seems the same size as others his age, yes very true it all depends on the type of health professional as to how worried they seem/you feel! I feel like I am in the keep a close eye on but don't panic yet category for them at the moment, the trick seems to be to try to not worry about what it all means, why etc as it will probably be fine but I find that hard! Fingers crossed for you too X

almmummy Wed 17-Feb-16 11:27:25

My little girl was born at 6lb 3oz at nine days over so 5th centile. I have had all the extra monitoring for this current pregnancy but luckily so far baby seems to be a lot bigger. HOWEVER, the tape measurements are always off, 29cm at 31 weeks the other day, so I find the scans a lot more reassuring. I had a doppler at 20 weeks to check on blood flow to the placenta - have they offered you that? That's an important one to check that the baby is getting everything it needs.

Sometimesithinkimbonkers Wed 17-Feb-16 16:44:53

Blooming 'eck ... DS1 was 6lb 2oz, DS 2 was 5lb 2oz and DD was 6lb 6oz. We only had extra scans as DS 2 is disabled. Midwife said I am small and DH is small unlikely To have monster babies X

Mummyof1caistor Wed 17-Feb-16 20:08:15

I do think if they had plotted my boy on these graphs more closely, he would have followed a similar line to this baby....I've decided to get on with sorting his room out, and the nursery, to keep my mind occupied, and start getting ready, I case they do bring baby into the world before April! Thank you almmummy and sometimesithinkimbonkers- ha, love the name! It's good to hear positive stories from other mums, all these male consultants have no idea how upsetting it is when they sit there essentially telling you your body isn't doing what it should be! X

Mummyof1caistor Wed 17-Feb-16 20:28:06

Forgot, sorry! Yes, had Doppler this time, all looked OK.

Mummyof1caistor Sat 02-Apr-16 09:23:18

Quick update, they've signed me off at the hospital, saying they estimate baby will be around 6lbs 10oz, so we've got a week or so to find out! I hope the other ladies having similar tests have had good news too x

PeanutJuice Sat 02-Apr-16 09:38:11

I'm having my first baby and measuring below the 10th centile, having a growth scan on Wednesday and worried!

notinagreatplace Sat 02-Apr-16 10:33:05

What's your family history like? My family just have small babies and it doesn't seem to make any difference to their general health or even eventual size - my mother was 3lb at birth, perfectly healthy adult, I was 5lb, perfectly healthy, my cousin was 5lb and is now 6 foot 6...

Howtocatchastar Sat 02-Apr-16 12:15:35

I'm currently pregnant with my third and this one is measuring sga too and is now breech, which is adding another complication! My two eldest, who were both born on the 4th centile, are now both above 90th for height and 50th/75th for weight.

I was to be induced if next week's growth scan was showing baby had dropped below the line, but this will now be a csection the following week after a steroid injection, unless baby decides to move head down before then, then I'm back to being induced!

I think some of us just have small babies! I do have hypothyroidism, which only came to light after my second child, which could be causing them to be small; however a friend who was sick throughout her entire pregnancy and hardly ate anything for 9 months, had a nearly 10lb baby?? That makes no sense at all, but guess our bodies all react to pregnancy in a different way. Incidentally, I've also lost a lot of weight (unintentional).

Sunshine511 Sat 02-Apr-16 19:09:47

I had 4 growth scans when pregnant with my DD and on every scan, she was measuring at least the 50th centile for every measurement. She was born at 40+4 and weighed 6lb 3oz. That just goes to show how inaccurate these growth scans can be. I am 32 weeks pregnant now with DC2 and have been offered no extra monitoring due to DD's weight. Fundal height measured small at my last midwives appointment (the first time she had measured it). Will be getting measured again on Tuesday so we'll see. There really is no way of them accurately knowing size until the baby is born, in my opinion.

LeonoraFlorence Sat 02-Apr-16 19:12:35

I had this with my DD (6 days late, 6lbs) and only found out why because my placenta was sent away for testing. Results showed infarctions in placenta so definitely worth watching.

Squashybanana Sat 02-Apr-16 19:22:21

How strange. My son was 7lb 2oz at 11days over and nobody mentioned that he was small or monitored my subsequent pregnancies....that's 8 days later and only 4oz more.

Ifiwasabadger Sat 02-Apr-16 19:33:09

I was the same..turned out I had IUGR, 4 pound baby born at 36 weeks. She stopped growing at. 32 weeks.

She is now two and a half and tiny. On 5 th centile. If you can get the steroids then go for it.

SummerHouse Sat 02-Apr-16 19:33:19

I had a 6 12 baby who was born on time but measured below the 3rd centile in pregnancy. I was too busy worrying about echogenic bowel they found at 20 week scan. He is perfectly healthy but I will never forget that fear. I wish I could go back to myself then and tell myself to stop crying on the floor. So hard not to worry. Pregnancy yoga really helped me through it and when I had him I think I was as emotionally stronger than I have ever been in my life. Think positive wherever you can. flowers

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