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what should it feel like then??!!

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applesvpears Tue 16-Feb-16 08:54:57

Sorry I am over sensitive or worrying over nothing but a few people have commented that my bump is 'soft' even the midwife commented on it and wrote it in my notes (but didn't explain if it was a problem or anything to worry about)
I am normally a size 8-10 and work out a lot so although I guess I didn't have a perfect tummy before it wasn't layers of fat or anything like that. I have gained 2.5 stone and I am 34 weeks. Can anyone shed any light?

Sanch1 Tue 16-Feb-16 11:05:00

No idea, mine is hard at the top, but soft at the bottom, was the same with DC1. I wouldnt worry as long as baby is ok in there and MW isnt bothered.

sepa Tue 16-Feb-16 11:10:56

My bump goes soft if the baby isn't pushed up against the belly. Call your midwife and ask if your concerned

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