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Fluid test, growth scans, twice weekly monitoring and steroid jabs at 34 weeks

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April2013 Tue 16-Feb-16 02:48:39

I've been having growth scans since 28 weeks, just had one at 34 weeks and the baby has now dipped below 10th percentile so is now off the trajectory he has been following for efw (was just above 10th percentile), also leg measurement has now just dipped out of normal range. Consultant not worried about legs but the dip in efw means she has given me steroid jabs, twice weekly heart and movement monitoring for next 2 weeks, a fluid scan in 1 week and another growth scan in 2 weeks.
I think the fluid scan is in 1 week because that is her next clinic but wondering if that should be done sooner and measurements looked at by a consultant sooner? I have past anxiety/counselling etc, was doing pretty well on that front but this is a bit of a shock and I'm worrying about making sure I navigate the system as well as I can - just feel confused and like things are not being explained to me very well/rushed, but that maybe a lot of that is because they can't know, I don't want to be a pain but starting to think I will have to be even if I annoy them. What does abnormal leg measurement signify? Why does this not matter? What could the fluid test show? Why is this happening when at 20 weeks all was normal? If I need to be induced before term how is that likely to go? Had a long induction with drip and epi with my first, nearly had a emergency c section as just wasn't dilating and baby heart rate dipping but eventually it all happened. I am under a mental health midwife so I could ring her but I don't really want general reassurance - I want some explanations and possible answers to my questions, not sure if she can do that. Anyone got any ideas or similar stories or advice? Thanks x

notfromstepford Tue 16-Feb-16 10:23:37

Hi April. If you're not sure of anything, you just need to ask. I would say that a week for a fluid scan is pretty standard. If they had an absolute immediate concern, they would have kept you in. Here's my story if it helps.

For DS1 my 20 week scan was where there were first potential problems noticed. Fluid was a little low and limbs were a little on the shorter side, but was asked to go back 2 weeks later.
I then kept going every 2 weeks to keep track of his progress. They weren't so concerned with femur length - it's notoriously difficult to measure and even a mm or so out depending on the angle they are viewing can make a difference to the centiles.

DS1 was tracking below the lowest centile - but was still growing so he stayed in there. At 34 weeks growth had slowed considerably, so went back at 35 weeks and growth had pretty much stopped. The gave me the steroid injections and then got him out 2 days later - they kept me in on constant monitoring in case the situation changed.

He was 3lb 12 oz and was below the 0.04th centile. He was small but perfect. He stayed in NICU for 3 days purely for warmth then came on to the ward with me for a few days. We were back home 6 days after he was born.

He's now a very stocky, perfectly caught up and cheeky 4 year old and you would never in a million years think that he was this tiny little thing who was lucky to be here.

Even if they're not very good at explaining things to you, I'm sure that you are in safe hands and as I said before if there were any immediate concerns they would keep you in.
Good luck hope all goes well.

April2013 Tue 16-Feb-16 11:44:59

Thanks very much, that is very reassuring. spoke to midwife this morning who has put my mind at rest, wonderful he is now a stocky 4 year old smile

notfromstepford Tue 16-Feb-16 11:52:51

Ha yes he's build like a rugby player!

Glad the midwife has put your mind at rest a bit today.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and hope everything goes really well smile

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