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14 weeks and worse than ever

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Colabottle10 Mon 15-Feb-16 16:07:30

I've struggled with all day sickness and general awfulness. Been on cyclizine for 10 weeks.

I'm 14 weeks today and it's ramped up big style. I'm home from work in bed again. Was sick twice in morrisons (first try of food shopping in ten weeks, won't be doing that again) once on the side of the road driving home and again at home just now.

I'm fed up with how this is taking over my life. I can't function, can't do anything. I want it to end.

Please don't say it's worth it in the end. I can't look to the end of the day never mind the end of 9 months.

This isn't normal sad

AJMcF Mon 15-Feb-16 16:13:42

Hi Colabottle10,

So sorry you are feeling as rough as you are. Have you been diagnosed with HG pregnancy?

I had HG pregnancy with my first pregnancy and also with my current pregnancy. It is AWFUL. I could only function when in hospital on a drip.

I wanted to just let you know I completely know how you feel, rant to me as much as you want. I completely get it!

One thing, cyclizine is very much the first medication the GP will prescribe. You should pay them another visit and insist on trying something new.

I really hope you are managing to hold some fluids and getting plenty of rest xx

Colabottle10 Mon 15-Feb-16 16:17:46

It's not HG. I can keep some stuff down and no ketones. No need for hospital.

It's just fucking awful.

I hate feeling sick all the time. The only way to ease it is to eat, I've put so much weight on I feel disgusting.

Cyclizine is the 4th med they've tried me on and I've been told ondanestron is absolutely a no go, Drs won't prescribe it.

I don't know what else to do.

Needcaffeinenow Mon 15-Feb-16 16:25:55

I was signed off from week 6 - 17 with HG. I was on phased return to work and it ended up getting worse. Now I am being allowed to take it easier and work from etc. Tiredness really does exacerbate it, so I honestly recommend taking it easy, going off work for a while if you can. I know it isn't but rest does help.

AJMcF Mon 15-Feb-16 16:28:33

Oh you poor thing!! Surely if you feel this bad they would consider more medication.

I am sure you are getting so much 'have you tried Ginger' 'Have you tried crackers'. I hate those people. It took all my strength not to tell them them to fuck off.

I did improve slightly when i had high salt items. Like salted pretzels etc. To be honest though the constant nature of the sickness and nausea is horrendous. I can never explain how bad when people ask me.

Is there any way you can take time off work? Rest for a few days?

I must confess, i hate pregnancy. I am not a glowing person. I hate my body. I hate my complexion.

Moglet85 Mon 15-Feb-16 16:49:58

Don't have any advice OP but you have my utmost sympathy flowers. Must be bloody awful.
How come GP won't prescribe ondanestron? Can you get a second/third opinion?

Runner05 Mon 15-Feb-16 20:55:04

I know how you feel, I've been signed off for the past 6 weeks and my life as utterly revolved around feeling sick 24/7. I'm not HG as I too can keep food down but I still throw up a lot and feel bloody awful.

My dr asked me if I'd tried ginger the last time I went and I informed her that if one more person mentioned ginger I would bludgeon them to death with a bloody ginger root hmm

I know it's not what you want to hear but all you can do is take some time off, rest and wait it out. Unfortunately the drugs only help with the vomiting not the inability to function due to nausea sad

53rdAndBird Mon 15-Feb-16 21:02:26

It can still be HG if you can keep some food down, by the way. Have a look at the Pregnancy Sickness Support website - really helpful info there for coping with severe NVP/HG.

My GP wouldn't prescribe ondansetron initially, but we're happy to prescribe it when they had a note from an obstetrician at the hospital consultant clinic asking them to. Your midwives should be able to refer you - I wish I had asked mine earlier.

kateu123 Mon 15-Feb-16 21:07:10

I was like this too for the first 16 weeks- then it did improve. I'm 21 weeks now and rarely sick but as one of you ladies said- not enjoying pregnancy at all. I am not glowing, I feel so tired.

Another thing which has helped me hugely- just by making me feel a bit better generally- is coming off the pregnacare (if you're taking it) and taking Floradix for iron and vitamins- it's really gentle on the tummy so didn't make me feel even worse like pregnacare and other multivitamins. I really notice a change in the way I feel and my tiredness if I miss a few days.

Good luck- hopefully it'll ease off soon. Xxxx

Catrina123 Mon 15-Feb-16 21:29:40


Also been there and I seriously thought I wasn't going to be able to cope. it's so lonely and dibilitating. People just don't get it (unless they've had it) and just say eat ginger...gggrrrr!!!

Only things that helped me was just taking each day as it comes and trying not to think oh my god this is going to last for ever! Even second time round, when I knew how bad it was and how long it lasted, I kept reassuring it myself that it would get better by 8 weeks, then 11, weeks, then 12 weeks, 13 weeks etc. So if you keep setting yourself milestones it might help? You've got to 14 weeks, so you're almost through the worst of it now! You've done the hardest bit!

I know you're feeling awful right now, but this is when the baby is doing so much and hormones will be at their peak. You're making a baby that might live for 100 years - your body is doing so much!

I went to the doctors and got signed off work for 2 weeks and was then xmas so ended up quite a bit of time off - made a huge difference as still felt crap but more manageable when not so tired.

I found pregnancy sickness website and forum helpful too. Plus oddly an app called nevasic (google nevasic morning sickness) which plays distorted music to disrupt something which reduces nausea (apparently proven for motion sickness, chemo patients etc too). Not a miracle cure by any means but did help slightly when nausea really bad.

I also stopped taking the pregnacare pills and just took folic acid on its own instead.

Eating regularly also helps, mine definitely worse when had an empty stomach. Diet coke and very cold water also helped me a bit.

Don't listen to all the healthy eating when you're pregnant advice - just eat what you can when you can!!!

Good luck! Hang in there!

Colabottle10 Tue 16-Feb-16 08:14:22

Thanks for all your replies, I appreciate it.

I actually have my first appointment with the consultant today (I'm shared care as mum died of dvt) so I'll speak to her.

SpecialStains Tue 16-Feb-16 09:19:41

Hey Cola, sorry you're struggling. Ondansetron is really worth a try if you can push for it. I started on 4mg, then went to 8mg (both every 8 hours). I was a little bit worried about it causing problems for baby, but two scans have shown a lovely fast heartbeat which is good. On 8mg, I'm vomiting much, much less, though still feel nauseous.

You don't always need ketones for it to be hg. I had ketones at the start, but since on the good medication keeping more "meals" coco pops down. Even just the nauseous feeling is very debilitating. I don't think it sounds like you have a very good/sympathetic gp. You've been on cyclizine for 10 weeks. They don't hand that out for ordinary morning sickness!

How was your 12 week scan? Did it alter your due date at all? I'm very pleased that with each scan they keep on bring due date forward - two weeks less of being pregnant! Seeing baby on scan pictures is the only thing I have enjoyed about pregnancy so far. I really love seeing baby wriggling! Did you get some nice pictures? Have you got a feeling as to whether it's a boy or girl?

Please don't sorry about food. You have time later in pregnancy/after pregnancy to eat healthier if you need to. I've really noticed 3months of inactivity has really changed my body (not for the better), and because I don't have a bump yet, I look podgy. I'm going to give pregnancy yoga a go tonight (already warned instructor I'll be attending with my emergency sick bag).

Hope your consultant appointment goes well - if its an obs and gynae consultant they may be much happier prescribing ondansetron!

You have my fullest sympathies. I am looking forward to having my baby, but I fucking hate being pregnant. flowers

cheekstime Tue 16-Feb-16 10:57:14

What you're going through is awful....much thoughts to you and your suffering...its bad enough having constant nausea. It's well beyond any home rememdies and find it really difficult to understand why others don't get that. I haven't got it near the extreme you have but used to have to hold back vomit in a car when as passenger, keep stopping car every 20 mins. I yes I also had the ginger brigade (joke is I know all about ginger NO IT DOESNT WORK! Your sort of sickness being in a different league sad, heres to you xx

cheekstime Tue 16-Feb-16 11:00:19

It's not morning sickness its all day shitness sad

Melmam Tue 16-Feb-16 12:15:36

I completely understand where your coming from I was constantly vomiting and feeling nausea all day everyday for the first 16 weeks then it went all together and came back with a bang at 28 weeks for the rest of my pregnancy sorry doesn't help too much I just ate what I could and when I could most of the time it was junk food tbh I also agree with the other ladies on the pregnancycare when I stopped taking them I felt alot better. Hope all goes well with your appointment today. You have my sympathy x

Colabottle10 Tue 16-Feb-16 14:58:08

Just back from seeing consultant who was ace and prescribed ondanestron without blinking. Told me I looked awful and to get myself home!

blessedwithtwo Tue 16-Feb-16 15:06:01

Aw Cola get the new drugs down you and get some decent kip. My sickness has just stopped completely at 20 weeks. I know exactly how you feel. Its horrific and no one will ever completely understand unless you have been through it yourself.

Pregnacare liquid helped get some vitamins back into me and as long as you can keep down milk/water that's another bonus too.

It WILL pass I promise!

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