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Big lips in the us with pic

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Austinandnala Mon 15-Feb-16 10:09:05

Family keep saying "oh she does have big lips doesn't she!!" Is it just them or are they big? Obviously don't care either way just interesting to know

goodnightdarthvader1 Mon 15-Feb-16 10:17:32

Her mouth is open. I'm sure she has normal baby-sized lips grin

sepa Mon 15-Feb-16 10:18:35

I would say she looks like she has her mouth open in the picture & also a clear picture rather than being able to tell she has big lips?

BettyBi0 Mon 15-Feb-16 13:18:12

Lovely pic! Her mouth just looks open to me. Don't worry she won't have a trout pout

AmyLouKin Mon 15-Feb-16 13:32:23

Unless you and your partner has big lips, I doubt she will. Like others say, just looks like her mouth is open! Now...... My baby really will have big lips, as both my other half and I have! We often joke about it! 😊

ChristmasCabbage Mon 15-Feb-16 13:35:06

I like your nail varnish

sepa Mon 15-Feb-16 13:37:28

I thought that too Christmas grin

gamerchick Mon 15-Feb-16 14:39:42

Her mouth is open and a little like she's blowing smoke rings grin

I'm sure she has normal baby lips.

UterusUterusGhali Mon 15-Feb-16 14:49:35

I had a pic like this of one of mine. His lips are normal.

Sophia1984 Mon 15-Feb-16 15:30:17

My little one looks like this too, and its nose looks huge! I think it is possible that its fist is behind its head and that's what we can see, but maybe he/she is just pouting :-)

Austinandnala Mon 15-Feb-16 16:01:01

She is mixed race so half black and white so who knows smile

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