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Pain in Abs - please help!

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TheresALight Mon 15-Feb-16 09:53:24

I'm 29 weeks and getting increasingly bad pain in what I assume is my top abdominal muscle on the right of my bump, under my boob. It sometimes moves across to the to centre of my bump or over to the side where my bump meets my ribs. The pain is not constant but gets worse when I sit up straight so the afternoon in work is usually very achy and it is worse I'm driving or eating out in a restaurant where I can't slouch and can feel like my muscle's torn.
My midwife said its normal pregnancy aches but it's getting unbearable and I'm dreading going into work where I have to sit up at my desk all day.
Hot water bottles help but the pain returns as soon as the water cools. I bought a pregnancy support belt but that isn't doing much either. Baths, walking in the pool and lying down all help but obviously can't do any of that at work!
Had anyone else had similar and how did you keep the pain under control?

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