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varicose veins

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LimesMum Mon 15-Feb-16 07:52:36


I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have been having really bad pain in one side of my pubic region

I assumed this was SPD but some of the symptoms didn't fit

I have since discovered some quite horrendous varicose veins in the vaginal area but all only one the left (the same side I've been having pain). I'm now presuming this is the cause of the discomfort.

Has anyone else had this at such an early stage? If so what did you do and also does it cause any problems down the line with delivery etc??


LimesMum Wed 17-Feb-16 06:16:21


Onthedowns Wed 17-Feb-16 07:07:00

I have had them. No problems first pregnancy this one I have one just inside that has bled a little dr thinks may bleed during labour. When it feels bad I put on an old fashioned sanitary towel for support midwife advised this also they should go after birth!

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