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Anyone mind if I have a moan?

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AmyLouKin Sun 14-Feb-16 10:43:59

I'm so tired. I'm 39+2 and I'm sure baby has dropped even more, which is why I feel like a have a grapefruit between my legs! Last night the Braxton Hicks kicked in with a vengeance again! I get them all the time but they were much stronger and more period pain like, while in bed last night.
I just want to chill out on the sofa but my OH has taken it upon himself to deep clean the kitchen for the whole of yesterday and plans to continue today! I can't relax while he's doing it! I feel like I ought to be helping but if I move around the Braxton Hicks ramp up like mad. Also it's not really necessary to clean it all. It's not in a terrible state. He's just doing it to be doing something, it relaxes him I think! 😕 I'm sure I'm being very mean but i just want him to bugger off back to work so I can relax before everything kicks off! 🙄
Anyone else struggling? I've been doing pretty well up till now!

goodnightdarthvader1 Sun 14-Feb-16 10:53:40

Hi Amy <<<unMumsnetty hugs>>>

I'm 40+1, so you have my sympathies! MY DH is the same - he's currently upstairs painting our ensuite! I guess guys feel the urge to nest too, although the books don't tell you that! I agree it's frustrating - I'd rather he be reserving his energy to keep me going during the birth and first few weeks - but he prefers to be distracted and useful. I guess it's important to remember that we're lucky to have such helpful supportive partners (especially reading about the bums on MN's Relationships board).

I actually felt loads better around 39+6, but since yesterday my stomach's been a bit touch and go, so wondering if this is a sign of impending labour! You may get a burst of energy towards the end of the week? Just do what your body is telling you and rest, and enjoy having a partner who wants to clean so that you don't have to! wink

AmyLouKin Sun 14-Feb-16 14:43:18

I know. I love him to bits and he is fantastic but when he announced this morning he was going to finish cleaning the kitchen, I just felt so fed up! 😕 I do appreciate the huge amount of work he has done on the house in the last 6 months!
Goodnight it sounds like our OH's are very similar! Mine always has trouble relaxing anyway and can't sit still for long! Hopefully I will be the same as you and perk up in a few days. I get the feeling it won't be too much longer for me now though! I hope it all kicks off for you soon too! So long as your OH has finished his painting! 😉
Oh and thanks for the supportive message. I needed it. I don't feel like I should moan to friends and family too much or they will get bored with me (plus I wanted this baby so it seems unfair to moan)! 😊

goodnightdarthvader1 Sun 14-Feb-16 17:05:52

It's never unfair to moan, pregnancy takes a huge toll on you mentally and physically.

Yes, waiting for any sign but all seems quiet today. He's finished painting (and assorted other jobs), is now putting the roast on and asking me if there's been any twinges a lot!

What sort of birth are you hoping for?

sepa Sun 14-Feb-16 17:34:19

Can you send him my way please!
Saying that it winds me up when OH tries to clean so I do sympathise!

Not much longer now...

AmyLouKin Sun 14-Feb-16 18:22:14

I keep getting 'is today the day?' from my OH, when I start deep breathing through intense Braxton Hicks!
I'm hoping to go into my local birth centre, which is very nice, as I know I will be more relaxed there than the hospital! They have a pool there too so hopefully I can use that as I know it is supposed to be fantastic pain relief!

Lucky you Goodnight, having a roast cooked for you! 😊 I have to admit I've just had dinner followed by a bowl of chocolate salted caramel ice cream!

Ok Sepa, I'll let him know he has to go help you too! 😉
He has now finished the kitchen, it looks spotless! He's threatened to start on the living room next, thankfully not tonight! 🙄 I may go and hide in the bedroom if he does but I'm still hoping he's working tomorrow! 😉

goodnightdarthvader1 Sun 14-Feb-16 20:21:29

Ohh, I'm eating so much crap. I've had 2 Kitkats and a chocolate muffin today. DH has given up trying to make me stop! Roast was lovely, though. and he's finally relaxing on the sofa.

I'm probably heading for the hospital unit due to fast pulse, but fingers crossed I don't have to be induced! Whereabouts in the country are you?

AmyLouKin Mon 15-Feb-16 10:57:20

I'm in Cornwall, Goodnight!
Glad it's not just me eating the snacks, I had been very good and also just went off sweet stuff for months but really fancy choc again now! 😊
Yes, my OH finally chilled out on the sofa around 9Pm! Lol.

I hope everything is ok with you despite that fast pulse and I really hope you don't have to be induced too! Good luck! X

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