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Daisy birthing class

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suz1rr Sun 14-Feb-16 09:12:13

I'm due to start my class tomorrow (I'll be 23 weeks) and feeling a bit nervous, has anyone been to this class and offer any advice/support? I'm looking forward to it, but not sure what to expect! This is my first baby smile

LilyRose16 Sun 14-Feb-16 09:57:56

I did a 6 week daisy birthing class, found it nice and relaxing like the way it was supposed to be. I thought it would involve more yoga than it did but thankfully it wasnt too bad, nice gentle stretches and breathing execises. Each week will focus on a different topic. It really was my chance to have some timeout every week. Still using the breathing techniques in the run up to d day. Hope you enjoy the course!

goodnightdarthvader1 Sun 14-Feb-16 10:48:43

I did Daisy yoga. Good breathing techniques which I'll be using in labour, nice friendly teacher. Not so good on the social aspect as NCT is (there was no WhatsApp group or anything set up), but I found it useful.

AlfieandAnnieRose Sun 14-Feb-16 11:20:45

Hi I'm also starting my classes tomorrow! I'm kind of looking forward to it as I'm not joining NCT classes so i feel like it's the only opportunity I will have to focus on being pregnant and on my body. And hopefully meet some other friendly pregnant ladies as I don't know any where I live.

Good luck, I'm sure it'll be fine. ( I don't like group situations myself but I'm so excited about being pregnant that I think the excitement is overriding my usual nerves! smile )

suz1rr Sun 14-Feb-16 13:06:19

Thanks guys, that makes me feel a bit better! I'm the same AlfieandAnnieRose, can be nervous in group situations, hoping it all goes well, good luck with your classes smile

Fyggy83 Sun 14-Feb-16 20:57:24

Hey. I'm 3 weeks into the 6 week block of classes. I'm enjoying going. The movements and breathing exercises are nice. It's good to meet other local pregnant women.

I'm 30 weeks and the women all range from 30-36 weeks. A few of the women did their 6 week course and then have come back to do another block/half block.

I didn't go looking for these classes as I'd already booked onto NCT couples classes (start at 33+5). I found the teacher first as she is a Doula, who we've hired, so these classes are part of her Doula package. My initial reservation was that it was Mums only, and I didn't want to exclude my husband, but she runs a monthly couples class so we're going to that together.

ispymincepie Sun 14-Feb-16 21:25:07

I've just finished a 6 week course and have booked on to the next one as I'm only 30weeks this week. Lots of breathing and stretching and visualising. A little bit of learning and sharing thoughts. It got a tad odd in week 5 with the 'out' breath which was vocal and made me a bit uncomfortable! But small class in a dimly lit room with a great teacher it was not too bad. I use the relaxation download on the Daisy website every night at home and it really really helps me get to sleep.

MotherKat Sun 14-Feb-16 23:01:37

I loved Daisy so much, it was my safe space to breathe and I made lots of mummy friends.

suz1rr Mon 15-Feb-16 14:05:17

Thanks everyone, feel a lot better now! I've been advised to wear something comfy and to take a cushion, this sounds daft, but assuming just a normal cushion off my couch, as I don't have any others?

AlfieandAnnieRose Mon 15-Feb-16 18:00:27

I was told to take a yoga mat suz1rr? Or they provide one if you don't have one yourself. I'm starting to get nervous myself now as its nearly time for the class!

ispymincepie Mon 15-Feb-16 18:12:07

Any old cushion. They'll probably have some but just incase they don't have enough. You will probably want one for the relaxation at the end. They should have enough mats for everyone but some people in my class brought their own to double up.

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