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best nappy bag ever - go!

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Reiltin Sun 14-Feb-16 08:00:21

Would you recommend the nappy bag you use? Is it incredibly awesome?! Tell me all about it. And the price too smile

CurlsLDN Sun 14-Feb-16 08:10:17

I have one from babymel, I like it

- Ds is nearly two, and it still looks good as new
- It's made of strong but lightweight waterproof fabric. You'll have enough stuff to lug around without adding a heavy leather bag!
- It has built in clips that allow you to velcro it securely to the pram handles. They are quick and easy if you know how, bit give me extra reassurance that someone couldn't easily lift the bag off if I were distracted
- The designs are nice, personally I don't like the cutesy yummy mummy type and would prefer to carry a bag that looks more like something I'd choose, not something babyish
- It has various pockets inside and out, so good for organising all the stuff

I'm sure someone will come and say you don't need a nappy bag, any bag will do etc. However, why not choose a bag that is designed for the purpose and makes life easier? I'd spend £50ish on any half decent high st bag, and most nappy bags cost around that anyway

winewolfhowls Sun 14-Feb-16 08:13:51

Any kipling bag. Wash well dry quickly lots pockets.

cosmicglittergirl Sun 14-Feb-16 08:14:57

I made the mistake of getting a cotton one instead of oil skin, not a good idea. You can't wipe it clean.

I ended up just using an empty pampers bag with wipes etc in, as it took up less room, but it isn't very nice to look at.

winewolfhowls Sun 14-Feb-16 08:15:23

Sorry price about fifty but I've had my last one years and it is now the swimming bag or cabin luggage

winewolfhowls Sun 14-Feb-16 08:17:39

Also once toddler was walking I got a rucksack and wore that so I wasn't leaving valuables unattended at park when I was chasing him around

Xmasbaby11 Sun 14-Feb-16 08:21:52

I had a yummy mummy bag. I really like the design (some might find it too cutesy) and it's very practical with lots of pockets, wipe able and pretty mat. Fits easily onto buggy. After 2 years the zip is going Though.

ScienceRocks Sun 14-Feb-16 08:29:09

Caboodle bag. Light, lots of sections, wipe able, and the cross body design leaves my hands free.

mangocoveredlamb Sun 14-Feb-16 08:43:54

I love my quilted storksak! Two years on and it still looks great! It was £100 from John Lewis!

I'm about to transition to a backpack though as DD is now a pushchair refuser!! confused

Frolicacid Sun 14-Feb-16 08:48:25

I love my skip hop duo.
I was determined that I wouldn't need an actual changing bag, and started using a folding changing bag with my normal big handbag. I caved in eventually to get something that fitted on the pram. It's so much easier.

Footofthestairs Sun 14-Feb-16 08:55:22

Had a yummy mummy which wiped clean and was easy to fit everything in, lasted through 2 children. I used a gifted Mamas & Papas one in the house as well, so easy to keep everything altogether and grab it when needed. Switched to a rucksack when they stopped using the buggy as i'm short and the over the shoulder one would swing and hit them in the head!

superzero Sun 14-Feb-16 08:57:38

My longest lasting Best Buy was actually just a Cath Kidston style massive PVC satchel from Primark used with buggy clips.
I've tried various Pacapod/Storksac/Cath Kidston bags too but despite all the extra bits they were not as user friendly.
Priorities were pockets,space and being waterproof.
I like the look of the padded Storksak as above though.

Artandco Sun 14-Feb-16 09:01:50

Buy a nice smallish rucksack instead. We bought a leather one that we could use for Dh or I and after baby. It's not a baby one just regular. Can use one you already have

Then buy a coup do of wet bags to keep nappies/ spare clothing in that are waterproof if anything dirty in there. Can use one and have one in washing machine if needed.

Means you can be hands free, use with baby in a sling, and use years later. We still use ours 6 years on for days out or travelling.

wheat32 Sun 14-Feb-16 09:02:01

Mai Tui - normal handbag but designed for a baby in mind. Has insulated pockets plus you can also get a nifty changing mat and buggy clips. For No 1 I bought a Pacapod but found I couldn't cram lots into it due to the pods and also the zip burst within 6 months but no receipt so couldn't return. I can cram a fair amount into my Mia Tuismile

MamaDuckling Sun 14-Feb-16 09:02:29

Bababing... Great pockets/changing mat/insulated pockets etc...

Unisex, stylish and sturdy. DH v happy to use it!

About £70 I think...

I'm also swapping to an Osprey rucksack now that I have a double buggy and can't hook the bag over the back anymore!

allegretto Sun 14-Feb-16 09:05:06

For me the best nappy bag ever was realizing you don't need one! When I had twins I felt I had enough to push around without a bag too so I bought one of these instead:

and just put anything else under the pushchair.

evilgiraffe Sun 14-Feb-16 09:06:09

We have a backpack, and a cycling drybag inside it to keep dirty clothes/nappies. So much less hassle than a cross-body bag (you can carry it and the baby at the same time), and when DC are older it'll just be a useful bag. It has worked fine for DD, and we'll just carry on using it when DC2 arrives.

SaltySeaBird Sun 14-Feb-16 09:18:56

I started with a Wallabo which looked nice (had lots of comments) but the changing mat was huge and stiff and the interior storage wasn't that great. The zip broke very quickly.

We then brought a YadaDada bag which DH chose. This was really good although a bit bulky. It lasted a year but the lining all came away in the insulated pocket and the bulk became detrimental to taking it out. (can't find link but it's a very male looking plain black messenger bag).

Now we use a small, cheap backpack which is a lot easier but lacks any segmented space which I think is useful with baby stuff.

I've been eyeing up the Hastings PacaPod which is a backpack, but also a changing bag with all the associated compartments. I'm due in 5 weeks and have no desire to use either of my original changing bags (and I'm somebody who only has one handbag and has used it for years). Neither were really 100% fit for purpose (although loved the look of the Wallabo one) so watching this thread with interest.

StrawberryQuik Sun 14-Feb-16 10:34:49

I don't think I'm going to get one until the baby is here so I can have an idea of what I'm regularly carrying around.

What my best mate does is she has a small across shoulder nice normal bag of just her stuff then a unisex pe kit type bag that lives at the bottom of the pushchair. It seems practical so I'll try that first.

GrouchyKiwi Sun 14-Feb-16 10:43:56

I'm on my third nappy bag and I'm very happy with this one. It's a Babymel in a nice teal colour, has a good number of pockets, and plenty of space for things for two children. DC3 is due in a few months and DD2 will still need me to take change of clothes, nappies etc for her.

Had a Wallaboo before that and liked it too, but it wasn't big enough for two children. Agree that the changing mat that comes with it is not great, but I used the one from my first bag (which came with the pram and was terrible). Gave my Wallaboo to a friend who's just had her first child.

seven201 Sun 14-Feb-16 11:50:48

I was going to treat myself to a normal fjallenraven backpack but that Hastings pacapod (thanks for posting that) one looks nice too. This is my first child so I have no actually advice to offer. I definitely want a backpack style one though.

Artandco Sun 14-Feb-16 11:59:43

This place does great cheap but effective wet bags. Below is large option but they do small ones also. When newborn I used either regular handbag or rucksack. Then used a few of these bags inside. Usually one to hold nappies and wipes and change of babygrow. The small wet bags handy if you use washable wipes, but also now older use one small one with first aid stuff in when out all day, and one for snacks etc. The large wet bag now used for swimming stuff. They are lined so so wet comes out. Can then chuck in any bag or under pram etc

BettyBi0 Sun 14-Feb-16 12:36:20

I loved the freebie Boots one last time around. Light, simple, good pockets and lasted 2 years. It seemed like all the other mummies at the groups I went to had one too so you had to customise it somehow.

I'm thinking of getting a jujube one this time as one of the designs looks similar and I think Boots have stopped the offer.

Frank85 Sun 14-Feb-16 18:02:59

Stoksak john lewis stock them
Look like normal nice handbags but have concealed insulated bits in the sides for bottles

gunting Sun 14-Feb-16 18:17:06

I've just got the free one from boots parenting club. We travel a lot and I fit nappies, outfits, food in there and my purse and phone.

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