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Day 23 into cycle and brown spotting, temp 37.6

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loveclouds Sat 13-Feb-16 23:58:19

I just wonder if anyone else experienced something similar?
I am very regular 29 day cycle and was surprised to see some brown discharge in my pants today and when I wiped, watery brown.
Sometimes just before period I get this but not this early. Its stopped now. I just took my temp out of interest and it was 37.6. I am normally 36.6 so up alot but I feel normal.
Now wondering if I am pregnant? Too early to test, thinking it maybe implantation. Anyone else have this a week before period due date?

sizethree Sun 14-Feb-16 01:28:17

It could definitely be implantation, but as you said it is too early to test, frustratingly.
Have you tried posting on the 'Conception' board?
You may get more responses there as this board contains women mostly already pregnant, with related threads. The conception board has more similar topics to yours.

loveclouds Sun 14-Feb-16 10:39:41

Thank you sizethree as soon as I posted this I realised it was not the best place so posted over there.

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