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6 weeks 2 days only empty gestational sac

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laceyfae Sat 13-Feb-16 22:17:13

I went for a vaginal u/s and it measured me 6 weeks 2 days but only seen an empty gestational sac. I have two other children and by this time I was able to see them. I was on nexoplon for about 2 years got it removed 12/9/15 spotted lightly for a couple days. I conceived right after getting the b/c out. Took a home test which indicated I was 3+ weeks so went to an ob for a dating scan. She stated either it's going to result in a miscarriage because she expected to see something by then or it was to early and that was measuring me 5 weeks. Obviously and empty gestational sac then to. My hcg levels were 7900 at first 2nd time a couple days later was 14xxx and the last time was 24xxx so they've been doubling. Last night was having bad cramping in my lower abdomen and pressure in my vaginal area. Now today it's really bad cramping in upper abdomen. No bleeding at all. Just worried, next u/s is for Thursday the 18th.

Eastend2015 Sun 14-Feb-16 08:40:14

Hi Lacey, my thoughts are with you. Are you going back for a repeat scan? X

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