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Slapped cheek/Parvovirus at 36 weeks

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MrsBenWyatt Sat 13-Feb-16 19:27:58

As above, I am 36 weeks pregnant with DC3 and DS has woken this morning with what I assume is SC (cold symptoms for a few days and red cheeks today).

I know it is a nasty virus when less than 20 weeks pregnant, but what are the risks (if any) this late in pregnancy? I have called MW and awaiting her response. I am not concerned, rather concerned that I might be too blasé about it!

I have been teaching primary for 11 years, so would assume I am immune, but obviously I don't know this as a fact.

What would they do at this late stage? I have had weekly scans already, but no more lined up as I am having an ELCS in a fortnight.

Advice gratefully received!

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