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Bleeding two weeks, feeling down

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Lizzie1988 Sat 13-Feb-16 18:33:29

ook a pregnancy test two weeks ago and it came back positive, I was spotting at the time. Ever since I have had brown spotting/ red blood when I wipe. Mild cramps on and off a week ago but they have disappeared. Had blood tests this week on Tuesday and tummy hcg was at 170. I get the results for second set on Monday. I think I am about 5 weeks pregnant but unsure as since coming off the pill last April I never really had a period.i have done numerous clear blue tests and they came back at 1-2 weeks. Took one earlier this week and it increased to 2-3 despite still bleeding. Took ANOTHER one on Thursday and it had gone back down to 1-2. I have been bleeding the whole time. I've never had any real symptoms bar feeling very tired (not sure if that s just my constant worrying though) and in last day or so I've had shooting pains through my chest. I have also had dizzy spells in the last couple weeks on and off.
Just feel exhausted and fed up almost with worry, it's consuming me not knowing what's going on, whether I am having a miscarriage or whether I have already had one or I'm bleeding for a totally different reason.

Sorry for the rant, just feels better to type it and get it out. I can't find much on women who had bled consistently through their pregnancy and been fine/ the clear blue going up and down also hasn't helped!

Champagneformyrealfriends Sat 13-Feb-16 23:30:04

Just wanted to offer up some support and a bump to the top of the page in case there's anybody else with some advice. flowers

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