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Weightloss while pregnant

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RosieTheCat Sat 13-Feb-16 16:12:01

11+6 with DC 2 dates could be off a little due to lack of regular AF scan booked in two weeks time so we can get a better idea

Since mid January Ive managed to loose half a stone in weight, I havent been exercising more if anything I have been doing less as Ive been so tired,Ive eaten the same if not a little worse than usual

Im big anyway so glad to loose the extra but Im starting to worry about effects it may be having has anyone else experienced this unintended weight loss?

Jenjen85 Sat 13-Feb-16 19:38:30

I wouldn't worry. In my first pregnancy with DD I lost a stone and a half due to morning sickness. With this pregnancy Iv lost 9lb due to feeling nauseous and not being able to eat big meals. My dates (11wks tomorrow) could be off too as got pregnant with the coil so waiting for my scan on 24th to confirm actual due date

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