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Incompetent cervix at 21 weeks

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Bunnypyjamas Thu 11-Feb-16 14:21:13

Hello all. This is my first post here. I feel a little nervous! I'm 22 weeks into my second pregnancy. From the very beginning, this pregnancy has been very unconventional. I was bleeding. The doctors discovered a polyp on my cervix and also the presence of a bleed in the uterus. I was given iron tablets and magnesium and after awhile, things settled down. I had a bleed on the 24th of December and then nothing. I was happy! We moved into a bigger apartment. I did some lifting and carrying. Last week, at 21 weeks, I started bleeding in a way which scared me and went to the hospital. They discovered that my cervix had shortened to 17mm and kept me in. I'm in Switzerland. After eventually inserting an 'arabin' pessary, they let me come home yesterday. I've been given progesterone (to take orally), magnesium sachets, fragmin (anti-coagulants) to inject every evening as well as something called byrophyllum to control contractions. It's quite the cocktail! I've been told to limit physical activity, to sit and lie down as much as possible. They didn't specify bed rest but as the pessary feels a little weird, I find that lying on my side is the most comfortable. This has to go on for the next three months. I also have a five year old. At the moment, my mum is helping but she will have to return home soon. Has anyone been in a similar position before? Any trips or tricks? Should I feel worried about the amount of medication I'm taking and its subsequent affect on the developing baby? Many thanks in advance!

Iwonderif Fri 12-Feb-16 16:38:24

Hello didn't want to read & run. Sending you flowers because I'm sure you're anxious. I'm pretty certain the care in Switzerland is extremely good and it's sounds to me like they are doing everything they possible can.

I've no experience of what you're going through so I hope you get some helpful responses.

Hoping the remainder of your pregnancy goes ok and you get some supportive network around you as your mom is going home. Looking after another child whilst pregnant is often pretty tricky. Especially a pregnancy that's totally different to what you've been used to. flowers

lynholmerpark Fri 12-Feb-16 16:49:54

Not sure of practice where you are, but a cervical stitch if something that might be considered here in the UK if your cervix is opening (?) which is removed closer to when you are term. Have they suggested this as an option? If not might be worth discussing with your care providers but it may not be suitable. Good luck!

In terms of your medication, any medication in pregnancy is a balance but I'd like to think they've ensured that what they have given you is safe.

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