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SPD Treatment

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HD18 Thu 11-Feb-16 09:01:40

Morning Ladies,

I know everybody is different so just looking for general feedback. My midwife thinks I have SPD, I can't stand/walk for any longer than 10-15 minutes without my left leg going completely numb and feeling like its on fire and the left side of my pelvis feeling like its about to break!...even got to the stage where I collapsed on the M&S food hall floor in tears like a 3 year old having a tantrum haha! Anyway....I have my first Physio appointment next Wednesday for them to officially assess me and she said about giving me a belt?? I'm due to go to the London baby show on Saturday 20th and am wondering if anyone has had any experience with them working wonders on the first appointment and it suddenly having some kind of relief?? I really really want to go to this baby show but don't want to put myself through misery just to go. TIA xx

Fourormore Thu 11-Feb-16 09:03:17

I found physio useless but saw an osteopath (Hector Wells in Banbury) and he sorted it instantly. Travelled 2 hours to see him for my next pregnancy!

icklekid Thu 11-Feb-16 09:05:42

Physio and belt did help me significantly however I still don't think I would have coped with the baby show...sorry!

Salene Thu 11-Feb-16 09:18:21

I also found physio useless but saw a chiropractor and found her great

I suffered bad from 12 weeks in first pregnancy and she kept me walking

This pregnancy it started 8 weeks and went back to her weekly I'm now 15 weeks and 2 weeks ago I could hardly move with the pain and now I'm almost pain free

Not saying it will last but it's good to be pain free at the moment

I get it very bad and so early on as have a hip injury from a accident

Defo try a chiro and do lots of stretching all your muscles in hips and legs , I do mine daily and it's contributed to me being so much better.

Salene Thu 11-Feb-16 09:20:20

Oh to answer your original question no I've never had relief from first visit, it's taken weeks of Intensive treatment to get me walking again. I'd most likely think about giving baby show a miss or seeing if they could provide you with a wheelchair maybe.

HD18 Thu 11-Feb-16 09:41:29

Thanks Ladies, I will just have to see how I am after the first session I guess. I might still brave it and go, I'm sure there will be plenty of places to sit and have a quick rest.....could very much end up regretting my decision haha! I just hope they can sort it for me...I'm 23 weeks, don't think I could do another 17 with this! X

makingmiracles Thu 11-Feb-16 09:47:21

Chiropractor- seriously it will be the best money you ever spend, this is coming from someone now on their 5th pregnancy!

With my first I had it terribly, couldn't even dress myself by the end, in tears every day, but I was young and naïve. First signs of it with ds2 and other pregnancies and I got a appt straight away and bingo, no spd!

It will be about £40-60 for first appt then usually about £25 for each appt afterwards but you may find it you only need one appt!

Imo physio was useless in comparison and the belt band thing did nothing to help!

KnitsBakesAndReads Thu 11-Feb-16 13:32:51

I found physio really helps. My first appointment was just an assessment before they referred me to a specialist physio, so I didn't notice any real difference after that appointment. They did give me exercises to do at home that helped until I could see the specialist physio.

At my last appointment the physio got me to stand and lie in different positions so she could look at my hips and back as I moved. She said she could see one of my hips was lower than the other so she did what felt like a massage to help get the joints back into the right position. I was also advised to wear my support belt whenever I walk so that it helps keep the joints in the right position.

If you're not going to be too upset if you spend money on Baby Show tickets and then can't enjoy it as you'd want to then I'd probably say it's worth giving it a go. As you say, there are normally plenty of places to sit at events like that so you can rest if it gets too much for you.

Good luck with the physio, hope you're feeling better soon.

HD18 Thu 11-Feb-16 13:55:17

Thanks KnitsBakesAndReads, that's really helpful. Luckily I'm already booked in with a Physio who specialises in maternity care so fingers crossed she can get to work straight away. Hopefully the belt works fairly quickly....even if it just allows me slightly more extra time on my feet that would be better than nothing as I feel like a hermit at the moment not being able to go out and do anything. If the Physio doesn't work after a few of sessions I will definitely look in to a chiropractor though as already suggested xx Thanks again ladies x

RandomMess Thu 11-Feb-16 13:59:16

Same here, physio was useless osteopath got me off crutches.

The treatment is rest, rest and more rest tbh. I would cancel any thoughts of going to the Baby Show. The key is to not aggrevate the condition!

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