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Anxiety over movements

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soontobemrslizzy Thu 11-Feb-16 00:59:40

Hi ladies

Earlier today I had a bit of a scare and was worried that baby wasn't moving enough (I'm 34+3) - I called the hospital and they asked if I'd eaten recently which I hadn't (terrible acid reflux has been making me feel ill all day) and when I did she started moving. It made me really nervous though and I've been counting kicks all night. She has been kicking but I keep panicking that she's doing 10 kicks in more time than it usually takes her or having bigger gaps between kicks. But then I wouldn't usually count kicks all night so maybe it is totally normal for her and I just wouldn't know that's a reasonable gap. I know I'm being totally over worried, and the midwife at the hospital was totally unworried when u spoke to her, I just am terrified that if I go to bed, something will be wrong and I won't get it checked in time. My dh thinks I'm being a crazy pregnant lady and that she's been kicking lots so there is nothing to worry about. What do you guys think?

Me624 Thu 11-Feb-16 04:16:21

Hi soontobe, pregnancy can be such an anxious time.

I am almost 37 weeks and my baby has never really had much of a pattern with his movement, so for me counting how long it took for him to do 10 kicks would be fairly meaningless. Sometimes he might do 10 kicks in 3 minutes, then I might feel nothing for several hours. Some people's babies are more active at night but mine isn't - if I wake up in the night I sometimes get a little kick but other times (including now!) I get nothing. If you have been feeling lots of movement then chances are your baby is just fine. If you still can't shake the anxious feeling though, call the hospital again in the morning and ask to go in to be checked. It will put your mind at rest.

Peyia Thu 11-Feb-16 04:25:07

It's so nerve wracking. I agree with Me, call your MW in the morning if you are concerned, that's what mine encourages and worrying is no good for you!

Based on the fact you have had movement is reassuring though. Remember in the last trimester movement is hindered due to the lack of space. You're his mum though and should follow your gut if you're still concerned later.

soontobemrslizzy Thu 11-Feb-16 07:55:39

Thanks ladies! Right before I fell asleep (hasn't actually decided what to do, just couldn't stay awake!), she kicked me a bunch and more like her usual movement and this morning she's been kicking and squirming loads, so I think I just freaked myself out. I'm going to keep an eye on her today and call again if I get worried but I feel a lot better that she's moved so much (25 times since I woke up at 7:25). Thank you for the reassurance. I'm a very skilled worrier ;) so I just can't wait until she's here safe and sound. Although my husband pointed out then I'll just worry if she's gaining enough weight and sleeping enough, but I'll be able to see she's breathing!

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