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flu like symptoms in my third trimester

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Mummy2be1987 Wed 10-Feb-16 20:50:23

Hi Iam 32 + 2 days pregnant and for the past few nights Ive feeling flu like symptoms in bed. sad I've also had the flu jag a while ago. No else is ill around me. Just me, anyone else experienced this?

NotSpeaking Wed 10-Feb-16 21:09:30

Sounds like flu

zannyminxoxox Wed 10-Feb-16 22:10:55

Yes i am currently suffering with it at 33 weeks been like it since friday last week sad its just bugs going round as they do

CatchingBabies Thu 11-Feb-16 00:19:36

Get seen by your midwife or GP , flu in pregnancy can be serious. Plus other pregnancy related conditions can mimic flu so with you being vaccinated its best to rule those out also. Hope you feel better soon x

Mummy2be1987 Thu 18-Feb-16 08:49:21

Iam 33 weeks +3 days pregnant. I have complete placenta previa. Came into hospital last night with second big bleed. My doctor had already booked me in for a C-section on the 29 March which is 6 weeks away, wonder if it's possible I can move my date forward a bit? Anyone else being able to do this ?? Please let me know

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