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New Forest Birthing Centre? MW lead rather than labour ward?

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TheGreaterGood Wed 10-Feb-16 10:00:42

Wondering if anyone had experiences they could share of the New Forest Birthing Centre? MW lead, 6 miles from Southampton hospital and looks like a less stressful than the labour ward. I'd like a natural birth, and am interested in a water birth.

BUT I am 42, first baby, quite anxious (previous MCs) and don't want to put myself or baby at any risk. Logically I think if anything looks dodgy they can transfer me in 10 minutes to the hospital which can't be much more than the time it would take to prepare if I was already there?

So, anyone had a baby at the Centre? Any other advice on MWL versus labour ward also greatly appreciated.


Southy84 Wed 10-Feb-16 11:03:14

Hi thegreatergood I don't have personal experience but I know people who have, their experiences have been really positive that it is a lovely place, free parking too which is a bonus. I also know people who have had to be transferred via ambulance to the PAH or moved to the PAH for pain relief and felt this move was quite stressful. Have you considered the broadlands ward on the PAH? Broadlands is midwife led but if there are any problems or you would like stronger pain relief you are only one floor away from the labour ward, so just a quick journey in a lift rather than by car/ambulance. It's definitely personal choice and you should definitely choose what is best for you, if you are low risk there's no reason not to go for the birthing centre, you also have the option if you give birth in the PAH to transfer to the birthing centre after (although im not sure of details around this for example when they will let you leave the PAH etc). There are also birthing pools on the Broadlands ward and on the labour ward if this helps at all. I'm also ftm and nervous due to previous MC and opting for Broadlands just for piece of mind, I just know I would feel more relaxed knowing there is help onsite if I need it, please don't let my opinion sway you though as there are pros and cons of both im sure, and I don't have my own experiences to go by yet.

TheGreaterGood Wed 10-Feb-16 11:23:33

Thanks Southy - interesting and useful advice. I had been thinking that Broadlands would be the best bet for the reasons you mention but then at my last MW appointment she said I'm low risk and should really consider the centre because it's lovely! Husband is LOVING the free parking too... grin

Think we'll go and visit and see how we feel. Things change anyway and I guess I don't have to make a firm decision either way? So even we say yes, wed like the birthing centre and then I have a wobble when labour starts, I could still rock up at Broadlands? Or does it not work like that?

Southy84 Wed 10-Feb-16 11:33:24

It is lovely and I think fairly underused which is a shame, I know of people who were down to go straight to PAH and ended up at the birthing centre so no rules about where you end up, I think you probably need to phone to let them know you're going in (I'm not really sure on that bit as I still have a couple of months left and haven't asked about it yet grin ) but they will be able to let you know

Sparklycat Wed 10-Feb-16 11:39:00

I desperately wanted to go there but ended up in the labour ward at pah. It was an awful experience there and aftercare was not great, some friends birthed at pah and transferred to new forest after and had a lovely aftercare experience so I'd def go for that option again.

TheGreaterGood Wed 10-Feb-16 11:55:31

Thanks Sparkly - I think that's the gist of what the MW was trying to tell me but without saying 'it's crap'! Think we'll visit so we've got all the info, make a plan but know that if panic takes over or something goes wrong we can change our minds.

Osirus Wed 10-Feb-16 22:35:24

I have chosen to go to Broadlands as this is my first. You can always transfer to Ashurst after the birth for the aftercare - planning to do this too!

Osirus Wed 10-Feb-16 22:36:32

And you can change your mind last minute!

TheGreaterGood Thu 11-Feb-16 09:13:39

I think changing my mind last minute may well happen Osirus - perhaps more than once! So difficult when it's your first to know how you're going to feel when it all starts happening - serene earth mother or panic-stricken wild woman? Could go either way! grin

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