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seriously stressing out 😔

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Pulledapart2015 Tue 09-Feb-16 15:24:39

Recently found out I'm pregnant and I make it approx 7 weeks. im having terrible lower abdomen cramps, feel like my stomach is vibrating and horrendous lower back pain.
did not get a wink of sleep last night sad

Dr has referred me for an early scan as I have multiple health issue so am concerned the pregnancy won't survive. it's taken a whole year for us to conceive and this will be DC2 if all goes well.

every morning since I've found out I keep poas'ing to make sure I'm still pregnant. Im not sure I fully believe I am or I keep thinking I'm gonna lose it.

I keep fearing the worst. I've rang the hospital already to chase the scan date and they said they will send an appointment in the post in a few days. I know I'm being totally impatient but I feel so on edge.

I've started taking some pregnacare tablets so I get folic acid in me.

I just going to be a bag of worry until I get this scan done sadsadsad all I wanna do is cry at the minute 😭😭😭

Pulledapart2015 Tue 09-Feb-16 16:33:36

oh just to say I'm approx 7 weeks according to my calculations (going by last period) but when I tested with clearblue it said 1-2 weeks which means 3-4 weeks.

I may have ovulated later so just thinking I may actually be only 5 weeks along. so.even if I get an early scan in the next few weeks what will they be seeing confused

LBOCS2 Tue 09-Feb-16 16:50:57

If you get an early scan post-6 weeksish, then they should be able to see a heartbeat. Whilst they can scan you earlier there isn't much point - at 4wks they see nothing, 5 weeks is a foetal pole and egg sac. So although I know you're feeling impatient, there really isn't much point in chasing it to be earlier - it won't give you any more information!

Once you've had a scan and seen a heartbeat, your chances of a successful pregnancy increase dramatically - obviously it's not all guaranteed, but your chances of miscarriage do drop at that point.

Cramping without bleeding and general soreness isn't unusual - your body is already accommodating some of the first changes. The cycle I got pregnant with DD1 (after three miscarriages), I was so sore I was convinced my period was about to start and I didn't even bother testing until I was actually over-due - not like me when I'm TTC!

Good luck. Try and put it out of your head a little bit. Apart from a few lifestyle changes you don't need to do much at this point - and what will be will be, you can't change the outcome at all unfortunately, so there's no point stressing about it smile

Pulledapart2015 Tue 09-Feb-16 16:57:32

thankyou LBOCS2. I make you right about it all. I think I'm just making myself worry as it's taken such a long time to conceive by my own timescale. I didn't worry at all the first time round so much so I didn't eve take any folic acid or vitamins. this time I feel so anxious. I think ur right what will be will be so no point worrying she says knowing she will continue worrying like an idiot

Miffyonline Tue 09-Feb-16 17:58:00

It's a stressful time. I had a private scan around 7 weeks which really helped my nerves

Pulledapart2015 Tue 09-Feb-16 18:08:45

thanks miffyonline it really is.

lauram1993 Tue 09-Feb-16 21:24:14

I suffered a MC and now pregnant again had lots of cramping to the point it was making me sick it was that severe. Had a early scan and baby was all good 7weeks and 4days smile I no Its hard but try stay positive. Ever since my scan ive worried because my symptoms have disappeared but all us pregnant mums need to remember so much is happening in our bodys week by week smile congratulations to all mums to be

cora28 Wed 10-Feb-16 08:34:31

Hi im really worried im 15 w and 3 days i startet feeling movements almost 2-3 times a day now i feel nothing at all.. iv tried everything to get a reaction but nothing works... i had a mc with my last pregnancy at 8 weeks...i do however have an early gender scan booked for this sindat 14th.... im just really stressing that this will end the same way.. any advice??? Thank you.. x

Pulledapart2015 Wed 10-Feb-16 10:57:08

thanks lauram1993 and congratulations flowers it is really hard not to worry. im trying my best.

cora28 sorry ur feeling so worried hun. have you spoken to the midwife? I'm. Sorry I don't know about baby movements but if your really worried pls call your midwife x

I'very woken up with a runny nose and cold like symptoms. feeling really drained so am resting up's time to pick up DD from school. cramps continue but I've taken painkillers to help. I don't want to take meds but I feelI have no choice sad

Pulledapart2015 Wed 10-Feb-16 22:55:18

cora28 how u doing today? x still nothing from the hospital here so still stressing away sad

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