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Worrying about weight gain

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Seeyalater Tue 09-Feb-16 10:35:55

Argh I'm worrying about weight gain, I know it has to happen but I feel worried that it's suddenly going to get out if control. I put on quite a bit with my last preg and struggled with feeling shit afterwards. I'm 28 weeks now and have gained 4kg/9lbs which I'm pleased with, but the rate of gain has increased the last couple of weeks. I had a bmi of 32 pre preg do the guides say I should only put on 5-9kg, less than 1.5 stone. 😬

littleb84 Tue 09-Feb-16 10:47:15

I'm now 29+4 and was in exactly the same position as you at 26/27 weeks.

I started out with BMI 32 and gained only 4lbs up until 25 weeks and was over the moon with it, then i gained 4lbs in week 26 and 2lbs in week 27. I couldn't believe it as I was eating exactly the same, swimming etc and i'd doubled my gain within a week and then more again, I was gutted but then felt so guilty for feeling gutted about such a natural thing as weight gain in pregnancy.

But then the last 2 weeks i've stayed exactly the same so i'm happy again.

I mentioned to a friend and to my midwife and both said that baby goes through a bit of a growth spurt around 26-28 weeks and a lot of moms will notice quite a gain around this period which is completely normal and is all baby.

As long as you are eating healthy and your midwife/doctor is not concerned then there is no need to worry and i'm sure you will stay within the guidelines

Seeyalater Tue 09-Feb-16 11:04:48

Thank you for this, it's exactly how I feel, such slow gain for weeks then a sudden jump over the last couple of weeks. Had that sudden sense of "uh oh I thought it was too good to be true". Hopefully it is just a growth spurt.

Twinkletwinkle84 Tue 09-Feb-16 12:57:54

Oh god!!! Don't say that! My weight has just spiked at 24/25 weeks! Could do without another spurt at 26-28 weeks 😩

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