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sleep -upset and frustrated

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applesvpears Tue 09-Feb-16 00:47:52

I can't sleep. I cannot get comfy, my legs are restless, I have heartburn, I feel queasy and I have dry skin which is itchy. My other half has just got pi**ed off with me moving around in bed and waking him up because I accidentally ticked him during a moment of agitated moving around. He has now stropped off down stairs to sleep leaving me upset over not being able to sleep AND him storming off sad

Sophia1984 Tue 09-Feb-16 01:06:00

Oh you poor thing :-( I annoy my partner with my restless legs too. Don't worry about him storming off - people get grumpy when they are woken up, so try not to take it personally. Have you tried holding a pillow between your knees? That sometimes helps my RLS.

hufflebottom Tue 09-Feb-16 02:09:25

Shower? That randomly helped my rls. That and wandering round the house tidying so should I feel knackered during the day I didn't have lots of tidying to do and I could slob out.

whatdoIget Tue 09-Feb-16 03:17:32

Pregnancy vits solved my restless legs when I was pregnant. Hope you manage to sleep soon flowers

Reebok Tue 09-Feb-16 07:21:58

I can completely sympathize. I think I managed 3 hours of broken sleep and I'm currently off to work feeling like hell. My legs and bump ache all night...I'm almost 29 weeks and can't get comfortable at all. Reflux plays up if I lay flat and I constantly need to pee. In dire need of sleep! Luckily I'm quitting my job at 32 weeks. Can't deal with commuting so far while feeling like hell and still suffering from hyperemesis. Ahh pregnancy! Bliss isn't it!

zannyminxoxox Tue 09-Feb-16 08:33:55

I am the same my back and hips are in agony at night, I just got comfy last night and he pulled the quilt from me I was furious and went crazy as it then took me ages to settle into a comfy slightly unpainful position again. I have just over 7 weeks left i need it to be the fastest 7 weeks ever as I literally can't take much more

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