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26 weeks- tiny dot blood when wiped

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SweetSuz Mon 08-Feb-16 15:16:13

Hi all
Just as title said really, had bleeding in early pregnancy that stopped completely at 8 weeks, just wiped when did a wee and saw a tiny, 1mm dot of blood on tissue, nothing else and baby moving away now.
Sorry for TMI but heard cervix can be stretched when you have a no2, which did this morning? Anyone else had the odd dot when wiping?


cheekstime Mon 08-Feb-16 17:20:34

Hi, I had this at 11 wks. I strained whilst on loo, constipated and had tinge pink on tissue and a tiny dot of blood same as yours. I didn't have any pain but called midwife. It was sunday so she said to go A&E, for reassurance. I figured nothing wrong and would be more harmful to wait 3hrs in A&E department, no food or drink on painful chairs.

I did bit research on web and heard this can happen if straining on loo as a blood vessel can break on Outside of cervix, as changes take place there too. I have no probs after or since. Had my 12wk scan all normal.
Unsure if this helps at all. all best.

(The midwife before this scan at appt said that bleeds sometimes coorespond with the implantation of the placanta. I know this info doesn't count at 26wks!)

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