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Buying a birth ball?

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scaredmum2be Mon 08-Feb-16 13:18:06

Which size birth ball should I buy/any good recommendations. My budget is £20. Ante natal classes said 15 pound should buy a decent one. I'm going to argus this afternoon
Also how often can I use it, I'm suffering restless legs and hoping if I can sit on it and bounce it may actually allow me to watch television as I can't sit still for more than five minutes today. It's like being tortured.
I'm around five foot/five foot one.

MyNameIsSuz Mon 08-Feb-16 13:28:07

I'm 5'2" and got the davina one from Argos, I think it's 65cm which seemed to be in the middle. I went for it as it was the one in that price range that said it had the highest weight capacity, which I felt was important grin

MyNameIsSuz Mon 08-Feb-16 13:29:54

Also, it's great and definitely worth a try. As well as bouncing on it I'm finding it quite nice to sit on the sofa with my legs on the ball and roll the ball side to side gently, which keeps my legs moving. Good luck, let us know tomorrow how you get on!

5madthings Mon 08-Feb-16 13:33:20

I just got one from argos, a 65cm one, it was £7:50? And is sold as a gym.ball not a.birth ball but they are the same thing, in previous pregnancies I had a proper birth ball one but there isn't really a difference.

I went for a mid range one in argos, it came with a pump as well. I literally got it last week. I am 5 2 and the 65cm one is a good size.

mmmminx Mon 08-Feb-16 13:34:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

5madthings Mon 08-Feb-16 13:35:40

And you can use it for as long as you like, I sit on mine or throw a duvet over it and the floor and kind of lean over it so am on all fours. I have used mine for hours towards the end of previous pregnancies to get comfy. I am 32wks now and got it because they are comfy, good for birth and to encourage baby into good position for labour.

hebs72 Mon 08-Feb-16 15:35:38

Mine came from Argos as well. Just make sure it's definitely anti-burst (some of the cheaper ones aren't), in case it suddenly springs a leak!

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