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worried my diet change could harm baby?

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Mon 08-Feb-16 10:14:21

So I have a major sweet tooth but I'm cutting down now I'm pregnant.

when I'm eating healthy and natural I have around 1500-2000 calories a day. I don't skimp on starchy carbs but eat carbs such as sweet potato, brown rice and the wholesome pasta varieties. I have been eating within the guidelines of food groups and not exceeding any.

My concern is, before this I was eating more junky food and my calorie intake was probably up to 3000 on my worst days!

I am just within my bmi range but probably don't look over weight as I'm tall and carry it well but I guess how I look has nothing to do with it anyway!

I'm worried that my diet change might harm baby. Is it too drastic? But then surely if I'm eating well and within the calorie guidelines and I'm not under eating then what I was consuming before doesn't matter? I lost almost half a stone in 3wks and I doubt I'll lose much more but should I be concerned that I have lost weight as I'm pregnant?!

Thanks all!

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Mon 08-Feb-16 10:15:38

Oh I'm coming up to 15wks pregnant btw!

Mslg Mon 08-Feb-16 10:17:30

No I wouldn't worry at all. Sounds like you have a really healthy diet!

Abbinob Mon 08-Feb-16 10:20:20

No it won't, baby will take whatever they need from you it would harm you before it ever harmed the baby but 2000 calories is fine honestly

Abbinob Mon 08-Feb-16 10:21:27

I'm sure I read that when pregnant you only need 200 extra calories a day in the last trimester, and I'm sure that's for the women's health not the baby

gamerchick Mon 08-Feb-16 10:22:03

I wouldn't worry, cooking babies behave like parasites and will take from you what they need whether you have enough stores or not.

Just make sure your diet is balanced and stop worrying.

Abbinob Mon 08-Feb-16 10:24:33

Oh and if its any reassurance when I was pregnant I didn't even know until 15 weeks, until then I was working all hours in a busy bar and all I ate all day was a chicken burger at 3am on the way home, so about 700 calories a day, baby is now a gigantic 2 year old

justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Mon 08-Feb-16 10:46:35

Thanks all, you're comments have really helped!

Seeline Mon 08-Feb-16 11:11:25

I ad such bad sickness when I was pg I survived the first 17 weeks on not much more than dry rice crispies. DS was a healthy 7lb 3 oz and is now a strapping 14 yo. You sound as though you are eating very healthily smile

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