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SCH - what did you do?

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bluemoonday Sat 06-Feb-16 11:52:48

Hello all

I'm currently 9+5 weeks pregnant with twins and I've been diagnosed with a SCH measuring 24mm x 13mm x 14mm. It's hovering somewhere above the 2nd sac. Babies are both fine and are growing well.

I've been bleeding on and off since week 5 including 2 terrifying bright red gushes (with clots) in week 7. I've been on 'bed rest' of sorts for the last 2 weeks - working from the settee, on the advice of my IVF gynaecologist. The bleeding has more or less stopped - it starts again (dark brown) whenever I walk. I've now graduated to an Obstetrician and when I saw him yesterday he said there's no evidence that bed rest really helps.

I have an office job and I'm planning to go back to work on Monday. Any advice regarding work vs rest? I've read conflicting reports online - some people seem to think it's better to let the SCH 'bleed out' and others think rest is best. I have an understanding employer but I need to get back to normal life at some stage, right? At the same time, I'm terrified that I'm going to cause myself to miscarry.

Any advice welcome! Thanks.

Highlove Sat 06-Feb-16 14:02:35

I've had one in both my (IVF) pregnancies. Bled for about three weeks both times. The second - current pregnancy - much worse than the first with bright red blood and clots too.

Both times I've been advised by both IVF clinic and EPU people to carry on as normal, but avoid sex. Which is what I've done and both times they've bled out and not been visible by the 12 week scan. All fine with first pg and so far so good at almost 14 weeks this time.

That said, both times the bleed was situated at the side of the pregnancy. As I understand it can be ever so slightly more risky if the bleed is above it. But everyone I ever saw about it was at pains to say that it's very rare that these cause miscarriages.

Sorry I'm not sure this helps any. I guess that if I'd been told to take it easy (and had a less difficult boss!) then I'd have gone for working from the sofa until the bleed had significantly reduced in size. I understand the need to carry on with normal life but equally, it's a hard-won pregnancy and it's only going to be a few weeks out of your life.

All the best.

bluemoonday Sat 06-Feb-16 21:58:51

Thanks for the advice highlove - good to hear that your bleeds resolved themselves. I think I'll go back to the office on Monday and just see how things go. Definitely prepared to return to the settee if I need to - the constant fear/checking for blood is stressful. Hopefully everything will work out ok.

PeppaPigStinks Sun 07-Feb-16 09:31:23

I have recently had the same.
Had a massive bleed at seven weeks. I was told not to work while I was bleeding - also in an office.

I had a weird 'discharge' while I was in hospital for something else and mentioned it. I was sent for a scan another scan and the sch was gone. I think the weird blob I passed was the remainder of it.

It's really scary isn't it. I just couldn't settle knowing there was a risk.

I am now 11 weeks.

bluemoonday Mon 08-Feb-16 11:06:57

Thanks Peppa - really hoping mine disappears too, it's lurking around like a pantomime villain at every scan so far. Horrible. So far so good in the office today but I'm taking it really easy.

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