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Induction Procedure

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Teddypom Sat 06-Feb-16 02:37:34

So, today I had a scan (nearly 36 weeks pregnant) to ensure all is ok with the baby as I've had a few complications along the way.
I have my 36 week midwife check this week but I am feeling a bit impatient and wonder if anyone can answer this.....
My consultant has requested that I have the baby before my due date. What is the procedure to ensure this happens - does anyone know?!
I understand the process if you go into hospital but will it start by having membrane sweeps at my 38 week appointment?!
I know I'm being impatient as my midwife can answer all this on Wednesday but my curiosity is getting the better of me!
Thank you!

Amziix Sat 06-Feb-16 03:53:54

I was told I wasn't to go past my due date due to gestational diabetes. I didn't have any sweeps beforehand but I was set a date for induction and was told to ring the labour ward on that morning to check they had space for me. I went in at 3pm on the Friday and had a pessary and a sweep at 6pm, by 6pm the Saturday nothing had happened apart from minor contractions I was examined and they said I was 1cm dilated and I was told that when there was availability on labour ward they would take me through to have my waters broke. They came and got me at 6am and broke my waters and put me on the hormone drip at 11.30 and by by 6.30 my little girl was born. It was a lot of waiting and you get people coming in to monitor you constantly, but it wasn't a lot in the grand scheme of the things! I know people who have been sent into labour just from having the pessary so it really does vary but hope this helps a little!! smile

Amziix Sat 06-Feb-16 03:58:10

I should add this was all done four days before my due date, from what I was told they would have put another pessary in and left me another 24 hours if it hadn't been requested that I didn't go past my due date. But I had nothing until the induction itself X

AllanaB Sat 06-Feb-16 05:42:32

Hi I was induced due to having gestational diabetes, I went in on the Sunday at 11am and didn't have my little girl till the Tuesday evening, it was a very slow process for me, I had a 24 pessary and then the dr done a sweep then told me he could break my water but would slow the labour down so he put in another pessary for 6 hours. I went down to the labour ward and had my waters broke, nothing had happened after 6 hours so I was put on a hormone injection, it was pretty painful as I don't feel my body was anywhere near ready! I was in labour 15+ hours went into a hypo and ended up with an emergency c section. I think it just all depends on how ready your body is xx

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