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pink bleeding after orgasm

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LondonStill83 Fri 05-Feb-16 13:44:54

Hi all,

Looking for advice/reassurance.

Had my first orgasm since I have been pregnant. Immediately after had light pink blood.

Should I go to the early pregnancy unit?

I THINK I am five weeks pregnant.

scaredmum2be Fri 05-Feb-16 14:05:33

I've had this and am 34 weeks tomorrow. Still get it now but not every time.
No cause has been found for it.
If your worried phone though. My bleeding starts after non penetrative orgasm.

Gunting Fri 05-Feb-16 14:06:50

I had this in early pregnancy! My son is 3 months old now

CityMole Fri 05-Feb-16 14:07:29

This is very common and nothing to worry about unless it persists.

nehagarg Fri 05-Feb-16 14:33:22

Perfectly common. I had it much more in the first trimester. There is a lot more blood in your body while you are pregnant and sex can irritate blood vessels and cause the smaller ones to burst, causing the light bleeding.

As long as it doesnt turn heavy and calms down in the next hour or two, its nothing to worry about. I only got mine when I wiped and nothing thereafter.

Jw35 Fri 05-Feb-16 14:35:44

I had it in my first pregnancy, she's now 12!

LondonStill83 Fri 05-Feb-16 14:36:41

Unfortunately it's gotten heavier, red instead of pink, and have had two fleshy clots (sorry it TMI)

I am en route to EPU but feeling very hopeless.

nehagarg Fri 05-Feb-16 14:54:16

Definitely get that checked out then. Everything crossed for you.

LondonStill83 Fri 05-Feb-16 17:30:16

Thanks all.

Have been to EPU.

Scan suggested miscarriage or ectopic; they will ring me tomorrow to confirm.

I am partly gutted and partly relieved that yh anxiety is over.

LondonStill83 Fri 05-Feb-16 17:33:01

Thanks all.

Have been to EPU.

Scan suggested miscarriage or ectopic; they will ring me tomorrow to confirm.

I am partly gutted and partly relieved that yh anxiety is over.

LondonStill83 Sun 07-Feb-16 19:03:44

This weekend has SUCKED!

I was told I was miscarrying and that they couldn't see a viable pregnancy, but that I needed bloods to make sure.

Bloods were inconclusive so I was asked to go back this morning.

Went back this morning; second rounds of blood were inconclusive so they did another scan.

Apparently baby is alive and healthy, about 1.2mm and with a healthy heartbeat.

I had totally accepted the loss and now have to be anxious all over again!!!

Pregnancy is HARD.

CityMole Sun 07-Feb-16 19:10:32

Omg, what a roller coaster, but I am so so pleased for you! You really do need to practise some self-care and not allow yourself to be over anxious now- it's so hard, but focus on relaxation, breathing, and one week at a time. Do you know that once you have seen a heartbeat, the odds of a healthy pregnancy are massively stacked in your favour? Try to relax now if you can. I am so happy for you!

LondonStill83 Sun 07-Feb-16 19:27:35

Thanks city- I didn't know that, please tell me more!!

And thanks, what a roller coaster indeed. I came home from hospital and slept for three hours- could sleep some more.

Luckily work are great so I can take tomorrow and Tuesday off to practice some self care and sort my head out a bit.

CityMole Sun 07-Feb-16 22:21:32

Copy & pasted from this page-

If the scan does pick up a heartbeat and the baby appears to be the right size according to your dates, this can be very reassuring, even if you are still bleeding.

Research amongst women with a history of recurrent miscarriage has shown that those who saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks of pregnancy had a 78% chance of the pregnancy continuing. It also showed that seeing a heartbeat at 8 weeks increased the chance of a continuing pregnancy to 98% and at 10 weeks that went up to 99.4%.

The numbers may be even more positive for women without previous miscarriages.

So things could still go wrong and sadly sometimes do, but as long as there is a heartbeat, the risk of miscarriage decreases as the weeks go by.

LondonStill83 Sun 07-Feb-16 22:53:06

Thank you city, that is really reassuring actually.

From what I have read the baby is measuring the right size in terms of CRL but the gestational sac is small (5.2mm mean).

Do you know anything about that?

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