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6 weeks with rising hcg no heartbeat yet

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Evercleverendeavor Fri 05-Feb-16 02:13:24

The technician said the baby is 5w2days, the first day of my last cycle was December 24. My hcg level was 3258 on 2/1 and 9444 today 2/4. The doctor said it is still early and ok that the heartbeat wasn't seen yet. Anyone else share a similar experience?

scoobyloobyloo Fri 05-Feb-16 02:27:43

Much too early. Should see one in a week.

sizethree Fri 05-Feb-16 08:21:20

It's a good sign that your HCG levels are rising. And as the poster above said, it's really rather early to expect to see a heartbeat.
Is there a reason you've been scanned so early?

Egid86 Fri 05-Feb-16 08:28:40

I had scan once my hcg levels had risen from 12,000 to 14,000 in less than 24 hours (however all levels are different so the doctor will advise what level is high enough) I had scan at 6 +3 and could see heartbeat then so as others have posted, probably next week will tell more.

It's my first pregnancy so I am by no means an expert but as someone who bled early and is now nervously awaiting my dating scan on 1st march 9+3 from what I've read, the levels seem good to be rising so keep positive and try to relax. Definitely easier said than done

Evercleverendeavor Fri 05-Feb-16 14:27:42

Yes, the doctor is keeping an eye on an ovarian cyst that is growing and they were determining whether or not my pregnancy is ectopic, but baby is in my uterus.

Evercleverendeavor Fri 05-Feb-16 14:28:47

Thank you, that eases my mind a bit smileflowers

Jenjen85 Fri 05-Feb-16 18:15:49

I had a scan at 6wks 4 days and only just about saw the start of a heartbeat the following week I saw a good strong heartbeat at 7wks 4 days smile bit early but rising hcg levels are a good sign

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