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Whooping cough vaccine

(31 Posts)
princesspineapple Thu 04-Feb-16 19:01:25

Did anyone else feel like shit after the whooping cough vaccine? Or have I just got the lurgy in an unfortunate coincidence?

sepa Thu 04-Feb-16 19:20:43

I got ill after both my whooping cough and flu jab. Both were just colds but very bad ones

HappyInL0nd0n Thu 04-Feb-16 19:44:00

I felt fine (had the flu jab at the same time), but sorry to hear you're poorly. Get well soon flowers

fluffypenguinbelly Thu 04-Feb-16 19:49:25

My whooping cough one was fine apart from a very dead arm for a day.

My flu jab left me ill for 5 weeks. I have never been so ill in all my life. I literally couldn't move. Just lay in bed. Obviously this was coincidence as it isn't live.

applecatchers36 Thu 04-Feb-16 20:02:30

Just had the flu jab last week and feel terrible, have had a horrendous cold, sore throat, no energy, hacking cough been off work.

Meant to be having whooping cough tomorrow but feel too ill to go out.

Gunting Thu 04-Feb-16 20:03:20

The whooping cough vaccine isn't live but if you are already immune to any of the diseases in the vaccine (polio etc) it can make you feel rubbish

princesspineapple Thu 04-Feb-16 20:34:09

Thanks everyone smile
Should probably have pointed out I'm just having a whinge and I know it's not whooping cough... But I've had a horrible temperature for 3 days and just want to sleep!
Sorry to hear other people were poorly too although pleased I'm not alone! Get well soon apple flowers

Champagneformyrealfriends Thu 04-Feb-16 21:05:12

I felt rubbish but didn't know if I was just poorly anyway!

KnitsBakesAndReads Thu 04-Feb-16 22:27:02

I had mine today and am feeling a bit rubbish tonight. Feel completely exhausted, achy, and just generally a bit strange and out of it. Don't know if it's coincidence or actually a consequence of the vaccination. Had no problems after the flu jab other than feeling quite faint about 30 minutes after I'd had it.

Hope you feel better soon OP.

1frenchfoodie Thu 04-Feb-16 22:30:34

Felt fine after my flu jab and whooping cough. Had a nasty cold in between the two - proper bunged up, hacking cough, exhausted etc.

AlfieandAnnieRose Thu 04-Feb-16 22:45:46

I've got mine tomorrow and am having the glucose tolerance test done at the same time confused definitely not looking forward to it!
I could handle the jab on its own but combined with the blood tests and fasting I'm worried I'm going to pass out!

Junosmum Thu 04-Feb-16 23:09:27

Thing is, you have the vaccines at the doctors where there are loads of sick people!

spandau1980 Fri 18-Mar-16 04:09:46

If the vaccines aren't live how can they make u feel ill ect ect
I'm not having it after much soul searching. ..

bittapitta Fri 18-Mar-16 04:51:32

Spandau the flu vaccine for adults is live. The whooping cough vaccine isn't. Both diseases are much worse than the jab - for you and baby.

ChalkHearts Fri 18-Mar-16 04:58:21

So if the flu vaccine is live, could fluffy have caught the flu from the jab?

She said she was ill for 5 weeks, and had never been so ill in her life. Which sure sounds like flu.

princesspineapple Fri 18-Mar-16 06:00:31

Spandau I think like Junosmum pointed out, when you go for the vaccine you're surrounded by sick people at the surgery and it's just coincidence.
I had a routine appointment with the midwife at the surgery last week, and some delightful people passed on their horrible cold to me while I was there, I feel shocking again but didn't have any vaccines this time, it's just unfortunate.

DropYourSword Fri 18-Mar-16 06:04:25

I felt ok, but my arm ached badly for days!

twentiethcenturybitch Fri 18-Mar-16 06:09:18

For balance - I had it both times and felt absolutely fine apart from a bit of a sore arm. (Tip have it in right arm as otherwise you won't want to sleep on left!) And even if I had felt terrible, I'd have it again as the idea of a tiny baby having a higher chance of whooping cough doesn't bear thinking about.

princesspineapple Fri 18-Mar-16 06:17:00

Ooh yes I agree with having it in your right arm! I'll definitely do that next time, couldn't get comfy in bed for days!
I say next time... I don't know if this baby may end up an only child but if we did have another I'd 100% have the vaccine again... A week of feeling rotten is nothing compared to risking a tiny baby's health.

TeamSteady Fri 18-Mar-16 09:53:33

I had it yesterday.

I already had a cold, but felt absolutely rotten last night and feeling bleurgh this morning.... Sure it's coincidence but meh.

My arms is sore, just feels really bruised but no big deal. I didn't think to ask for it in the right arm to help sleeping, altho i had to sleep sitting upright last night as nose so blocked i can't breathe if i lie down.

Would absolutely have it again tho in order to protect baby as much as possible. I also had the flu jab.

HD18 Fri 18-Mar-16 12:56:46

I've just had mine this morning....for people that suffered afterwards, how long did it take for you to start feeling rubbish? I felt totally fine before and haven't felt any different as yet (had it about 9:30) so hopefully I will continue to feel fine.

spandau1980 Fri 18-Mar-16 15:43:33

Lots of stuff about still birth and it not actually giving protection after birth and not for use in preg women or under 3s the fact they ve changed the manufacturer. ..
This is baby no 5
First 3 there was no vaccine last in 2013 I was offered it but no health professionals could tell me anything about it and the midwives said if it was them they'd not have it ...
It was during the epidemic and luckily all worked out ok. Dd had jabs at 8 weeks ect and she's a bouncing 3 yr old.
Just couldn't face it if the jab could cause a still birth .. plus my son's had their 14 yr old boosters and one reacted badly having a seizure but was fine with the others... because of new manufacturer ?? I don't know
Plus we can't see if babies having a reaction in the womb can we?
I don't know 100% either way but I got a gut feeling not to. I'm not a guinea pig for the nhs ...
Don't belittle anyone having the jabs though !
I may see if I can have the booster after babies born so some can go through breastfeeding also I will be vaccinated but I had all my vaccines when younger so I presume some must still be there to protect me now ?

sallysparrow157 Fri 18-Mar-16 16:06:10

I had the whooping cough jab a couple of months ago, I'm not pregnant but had resuscitated and intubated a tiny baby with whooping cough so was recommended I have it as prophylaxis, had no problems, arm was much less achy than when I had to have hep b in one arm and mmr in the other a couple of years ago (doing some work for an agency and they wanted me to have boosters - had to pay for the privilege of being jabbed!)

Pinkshire85 Fri 18-Mar-16 16:07:53

Hard to tell as I had the flu jab and whooping cough on same day but I did get a bad cold after them. Not uncommon apparently not that that is much consolation when you're poorly!

CountessOfStrathearn Fri 18-Mar-16 16:14:35

spandau1980, there is NO increased risk of still birth with the whooping cough vaccine:
Furthermore, there was no evidence of an increased risk of stillbirth, maternal or neonatal death, pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, haemorrhage, fetal distress, uterine rupture, placenta or vasa praevia, caesarean delivery, low birth weight, or neonatal renal failure, all serious events that can occur naturally in pregnancy.

You also said "it not actually giving protection after birth".

Whooping cough in babies has dropped by almost 80% since the whooping cough vaccination was introduced in pregnancy.

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